I love rounding up my week for little loves.  It’s been quite the busy little week with yet more parties, yellow fields and a long overdue hair appointment!


This week, I have been reading up on what to do in the south of France.  I can hardly believe that we go away next weekend.  This will be our first trip abroad as a family and although holiday memories are ingrained with relaxing days by the pool, I know with a little one to entertain, this will be different.  But I’m looking forward to it all the same.

Any suggestions?


I’ve been glued to Big Brother this week. I chuckled when everyone said ‘they all like each other’, knowing that it was all going to crumble in a matter of time.


Blood chilling screams from Munch.  No we didn’t take her anywhere scary, just her nursery open day.  I’m sure they’d planned the Olaf mascot to be well received, however Munch and her little chum thought otherwise.
little loves5 210515


Blog bump photos!  It was my 18 week update this week and where best to do the shoot but at a local ‘yellow field’.

little loves3 210515

little loves4 210515



We wore matching straight hair for parties this week.

little loves 2 210515

little loves 210515

little loves 1 210515


And lastly..

If you’d like to feature in Bloggers Homes, please get in touch.  Looking for more bloggers to give room tours in their house and share their style.






  1. Aww your bump looks like it’s coming on nicely. Hope you’re feeling well. I’m wondering how scary Olaf was now to cause all the blood curdling screams 🙂

  2. Aw your bump is lovely. Must try and catch up again soon. I’ll check my diary and see when we’ll next be in Aberdeen and give you a shout. How are you feeling these days? If you would like me to contribute another room then I can see about writing something for you. Sx

  3. Charlotte @ Educating Elsa Reply

    I’d offer to volunteer for your feature but honestly no one would want to see inside my flat!
    You both look so lovely with straight hair. I don’t even own a hairdryer at the moment, let alone straighteners so my hair is ridiculous right now.
    I wish I knew of a local ‘yellow field’ because Elsa would love to run around there.

    Have a great weekend xxx

  4. I love the matching straight hair 🙂 I’ve never been to the South of France, but I can recommend enjoying the food and the views..have a great time, whatever you find to do. Cute bump photos, all the fields out in yellow are so beautiful xx

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