For the past month my social media feeds are filled with posts about going back to school… But it’s a real mixed bag of those happy about it and those who aren’t. Whatever the reasons, there are clearly 2 camps and this time last year I could have joined those who were happy about it, but this year… put me on the other side of the fence!

First up, everyone is different, this isn’t one of those posts where I’m pointing the finger for preferring one or the other, but more about my shift in perception and why I don’t like it now.

Last year it was out first ever experience of the summer holidays, so I didn’t know what to expect. We’d all settled into the routine of term life and there was a part of me that craved that routine and structure all through the break. So when it came to returning, I was glad to have that back.

This summer though, I was a bit more weathered… I know how to make the summer holidays work for me and the family.  I basked in the sheer glory of dropping and picking up both kids from the same location, at the same time on work days… Not to mention the added pleasure of no swimming, or gymnastics or anything else.  Our nights were ours and the days where I took time off, I was geared up for it.  The mornings were more chilled, the evenings even more so… Everything ran that little bit smoother!  So when August crept round and there were only a couple of weeks left, the dread started to kick in. I didn’t have that many days left with the girls, and all those extras… The after school activities, the multiple locations, funky time schedules, homework AND the early starts. The routine I craved so much the previous summer, now looks like hell in a hand basket to me.

I dare say we’ll get back into the groove again, just in time for the October break!

Which camp are you in?  Are you a back to school yay-er, or a back to school nae-er?


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