I have to keep checking how old MM is getting each week, as time is just running away with us lately. It’s almost been 5 months since she joined the family fold and 3 became 4.

I’ve written before about getting to know her (and her us). After 5 months I’m really starting to forget how things were when it was just the 3 of us.

Mum of 2

There were concerns before she arrived, about how hard it would be. Not just physically, but mentally and emotionally too. I think most mums do worry about adapting. First time round, I was a shell shocked new mum and wasn’t sure how I was meant to feel, never mind what I was meant to be doing with this little person who had entered our lives. We’d gone from being young free and reckless…popping out whenever we wanted…cinema trips…weekends away (remember that?!). It all vanished over night. First time round is definitely the game changer! Second time round however, the ‘unknowns’ are different. You know ‘roughly’ what to expect…you know nothing lasts forever and you have already made the big life switch. Second time is a different beast altogether…How would I be able to love them both? Would I have a favourite and feel guilty…oh and what if it’s obvious to them? How on earth will I manage to do anything around the house?

Mum of 2

I kick myself for being silly…ofcourse I would love them both. Love takes many different forms and my love for each of them differs in ways but I’m besotted equally with them both. I’m also glad to say that now the tricky first 12 weeks have passed, we are finally hitting a groove. We have set nursery days for Munch, set nap times for MM and it’s generally a pleasure. I honestly can’t believe it! Don’t get me wrong…I still totally freak out when hubs goes away for work (not that uncommon where we live) but I have amazing friends who tell me what I need to hear and remind me that I can do it and it’s not forever.

Mum of 2

We really hit the jackpot with Munch.  She is adoring her new role as a big sister.  Another worry second time round is the big J, but it hasn’t raised it’s head yet.  They just adore each other and MM will smile endlessly for Munch…it brings me to tears that this little bundle who can’t communicate yet can express her admiration so clearly.

I hope the bond between our gang of 4 lasts forever.



  1. What a great post. I feel very similar in that I’m worried that O may become jealous of the attention the new baby will need and if I’ll manage with all the sleep deprivations that comes with a newborn! Your MM and Munch look so happy together – you can see their sisterly bond forming and it’s adorable to see. Lots of love xx

  2. Aw lovely post! I’m having similar fears about having 2 but I am hoping it will all be ok in the end! x

  3. I adore watching the bond between siblings develop. It is such a precious thing, and your girls seem to be forging a wonderful relationship. I think it’s really normal to worry about a new addition to the family, but it seems there is always enough love to go around.
    Kate recently posted…Birth stories: Donna and a tale of two home birthsMy Profile

  4. Such a lovely post and I remember feeling all the same worries and fears when I was pregnant with LL, but bar of course the odd tough time it was like she just slotted in. I hope that the third will be the same but I am already scared! These are beautiful photos. x

  5. Oh the pictures of your two children together are just adorable. I feel like having children number 2 and 3 (who were twins) was like putting together a tricky jigsaw. Sometimes it was a bit tricky but sometimes it all sorted together perfectly.

  6. What a lovely post. I felt exactly the same. My 2nd girl is now 11 weeks. I really didn’t know if I could love another but you’re right. How silly were we to think it. Sounds like you’ve got a great routine going x
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  7. Oh this is cute, I think siblings just slot in and find there place. I’m looking forward to the day we get to experience ‘siblings’although I can imagine how worrying it can be in the lead up. They look adorable together! xx

  8. I love hearing how you’re all getting on and those photos are beautiful. Can’t believe I get to see you all in two weeks!!!!! So excited! Lots of love x

  9. Lisa Backsnbumps Reply

    So gorgeous. We’ve just gone from 2-3 kids with a 7 year age gap and I was really panicked about how I would cope and how the older kids would feel. 5 weeks in and we’re all happy….for the moment!.

  10. Goodness, I can’t believe MM is 5 months! Hasn’t time flown. Munch really does look like she has slotted in well to her role of big sister; I hope it stays like that for you all. x

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