It’s so tough to know exactly what the ideal family pet is, as there are so many different animals readily available these days. I think everyone has fond memories of their first pet and how that paves the way for what pets you have with your kids.

What about a non furry pet?

I think most people have experienced the traditional fairground goldfish, which seemed to last forever (and were always called Goldie!) But you can’t really cuddle it, can you?! The first furry pet I remember was a pet rabbit called Smokey… kids are ingenious with names eh! No surprise that he was a little grey rabbit. I don’t remember much of Smokey, but I do remember when he passed away and I think it may have something to do with me feeding him red berries from the garden.

Perhaps something more low maintenance

After Smokey, we weren’t allowed “a big pet” again… So we had a string of hamsters. There is one who I remember fondly who was quite the escape artist. Back in the day all the cages were wire ones and he used to knaw at the catch until it would pop open. We had to rummage down backs of sofas… Even take off the lining on the bottom just to get the little guy out.

There was even one night when he woke up my dad, who heard some noises coming from downstairs. It didn’t take him long to work out that we weren’t being burgled, but instead the little guy had not only gotten out, but had made his way down the back of the toilet bowl and in to the piping, which runs up into their room. I think it took him a good few hours to coax him out of there with a bit of cheese.

But whether your pet is “big” or “small”, it’s important that you consider covering care costs for any unexpected vet bills, such as Petplan Pet Insurance.

Definitely someone with a bit of personality

So with that in mind, I think our ideal pet has to be one like my old escape artist hamster… Small and easy to look after, but with bags of personality. Although maybe we’d make sure we would keep a peg on that cage door!

Disclosure: This post in in conjunction with Petplan but all thoughts are my own


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