The schools may only have just broken up, but if you don’t want to be rushing about the week before the go back you’ll have already begun writing a list in your head of what you need to get.  Whilst us parents think of all the essentials and more practical things like uniforms that will wear well and a good sized bag, the kids may have other ideas entirely!

John Lewis recently asked a group of children what was on their back to school list and some of the answers prove rather interesting!

With Munch due to move down to her pre-school class in September, I asked her what essentials would be on her list and here is what she came up with…

 Back to School

1.  Clarks glitter dance shoes – £22 – Naturally she wanted the most pink and sparkly shoes she could find!  2.  Babymel princess backpack – £28 – I swear we have nursery to blame for her being completely princess daft at the moment.  3. Owl print underwear – from £7 – Perhaps the oddest request, but clean pants are essential!  4.  Totem Eraser pencil – £5 – Might as well make functional fun!  5.  Mr Men white board – £9.99 – For writing down those all important social activities (kids have better social lives than the parents!)  6.  Bird print lunch box – £8 – We both adored the print on this lunch box (and wipe clean!)

With handy checklists for both nursery and school, John Lewis is set to tick off pretty much everything on your list…Ok so perhaps not a swimming pool!

What’s your and your kids back to school essentials?  Have you had any odd requests?

Disclosure: This post is in collaboration with John Lewis


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  1. I think if LP could write this list she’d have glitter shoes too! Good old John Lewis, my favourite place to shop – I’m not showing LP your list, she’ll want everything! x

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