This year is flying in!  How can March possibly be coming to an end already?!

The big shadow in our life…home renovations…is still casting a pretty gloomy darkness over our house this month.  We sort of ran out of steam, now that it’s the finishing odds and sods (and the fact that it’s us doing them).  But, if you missed it, there is a kitchen sneak peek here.

Time for another round up with the delightful Emma over at Life at the Littlewood of what we’ve been loving this month…


Little MM is now a not so little 6 months old!  I can hardly believe it.  So, we’ve been starting our weaning journey…I’ve never seen so many bibs!

LL Mar family

We got a call from the nursery to start her settling in sessions.  She was due to start full time in May, but with the redundancy, we’ve cut this back to 1 day a week.  It’ll mean eating into savings, but I can always review it when Munch starts school and it’ll give me a huge chunk of time to work on blogging and freelancing.

We’ve been enjoying some family days out more and more this month, as we test the boundaries of MM’s routine.  It’s nice to be getting out again as a family.


As I said, we’ve pretty much ground to a halt.  It was such a rotten 7 weeks whilst the kitchen was being installed, that we pretty much moved the sofa, tv and jumperoo back in and collapsed in a heap.

But I do want to get back at it and get this room properly finished and my office freed up again!

Industrial metal star and eames chair

Industrial metal star and eames chair

Industrial metal star and eames chair

We do have little additions, such as new dining chairs and some industrial bits I’ve been hoarding for this room…oooooo let me at it!! (‘M’ from TK Maxx, Eames style dining chairs from Lakeland Furniture, metal star from Rockett St George.)


Emma Neale Dress

We have a wedding to go to in April, so I got MM this little cute outfit from a Scottish seller on etsy, Emma Neale…she makes gorgeous handmade dresses, bibs and other bits.  The best bit about the dress is that it has poppers at the back…none of those fiddly buttons!

Lighthouse Clothing jackets

I’m still practically living in my Lighthouse beachcomber yellow raincoat!  It’s been the perfect weather for it really.


I actually cracked out the tan this month!  I had a meeting to go to so thought I should make the effort.  It felt amazing, my poor white bed sheets weren’t too happy about it though!

Fake Bake Beyond Bronze

I use Fake Bake’s Beyond Bronze…providing you prep well, it’s easy to apply and develops evenly.  I’m so pale though, so my legs need a couple of coats (for some bizarre reason), but I find one coat enough on my face and upper body.


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