I’m stunned that February is coming to a close.  It only feels like last week I was putting together January’s loves.

I’m enjoying summing up our monthly loves with Emma over at Life at the Littlewood, although our home renovations have creeped over into February and stolen my thunder for another month…grrrr!

Still plenty of loves regardless and here they are…


We are really finding our feet as a foursome now.  As a routine junkie, I struggle with the concept of breaking MM’s structured day to go very far.  So I usually end up out and about with Munch at the weekend, whilst Daddy gets in some bonding time with MM.

WILL Feb 16 3


Friday finally saw the joiner finish up…yay!  After the longest 7 weeks of our lives, we can finally vacate what I’m calling ‘the squat’ AKA our yet to be decorated living room and get back into the kitchen/living space.  We will need to just hang off another few weeks though whilst hubs paints and finishes off a few bits.

I’m really looking forward to hitting the shops for bits and bobs, but until then I’ve been trying to feel at home as much as I can (in a building site) and brighten the place up with some blooms.

WILL Feb 16 4

I’ve also been adding yet more finishing touches to the girls rooms…is a room ever complete? I don’t think so!

WILL Feb 16 5


The little ladies now fit into a few outfits, that just so happen to be matching (yes, I did it and I’m not ashamed to admit it).  As it goes, Munch loves nothing more than wearing matching clothes with MM and demands it on her days off from nursery.

Mum of 2

WILL Feb 16

WILL Feb 16 1

Munch is also loving this hat we got in the Next Sale.

WILL Feb 16 2

Have you heard about a new online store launching soon…Lighthouse Clothing?  If you like Boden and Joules, do check them out. They’ll be featuring on the blog in the next few weeks.


I’ve been a bit of a failure at sticking to my No 7 skincare routine (and oh my word, it shows).  As I mentioned last month, but failed to photograph, I’m a huge advocate of No 7 Protect & Perfect.  I’m still unable to find the time to stick to any regular nail or tan regime at the minute.  I don’t like to paint my nails or tan if I can’t envisage keeping it up.

What have you been up to in February?  Share your loves over with Life at the Littlewood.




  1. Aw i love their matching outfits, they look so cute together. And I am all for the matching, we won’t get away with it forever so we may as well enjoy it now. 😉
    So exciting the kitchen is nearly finished- can’t wait for the big reveal. x

    • I think Next only do up to a certain age…so I won’t get to do it for long! I can’t wait to get it finished! Not sure whether to reveal before I’ve dressed it or not…decisions!

  2. Love love love the girls matching.

    I am soooooo excited to see your kitchen, tell that Hubby to get busy and I still want to see those girls rooms, you keep leaving me hanging xxx

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