With Christmas just around the corner, it’s worth taking the time to add a little something extra to welcome any guests you might have staying over the festive period.  After all, it’s not just Santa you might want to leave some treats out for.

Christmas is all about shoehorning people into your home and it can be difficult to make a temporary bed down spot feel warm, welcoming and somewhere people want to retire to after too much Christmas pudding and egg nog.

Overnight welcome basket

Also, In the mad rush, guests can quite often forget essentials… Whether that’s toiletries, water or just those few home comforts that really make them feel cosy (such as socks, blankets or a dressing gown). By leaving out a few items, it goes a long way to make someone feel less like they are intruding in your space, and more like they are meant to be there (although you might not want that for all your guests!)

Overnight welcome basket

Popular items such as towels, extra bedding for a colder night, room spray or a candle and a luxury soap or shower gel just show that you have spent a little bit of extra time to prepare the area for them… Especially if someone is bedding down in a spare corner.  Afterall, it wouldn’t be Christmas without the sleeping bags and assortment of chairs at the dining table now would it?!

Overnight welcome basket

Check out Wayfair for some gorgeous baskets to house your welcoming essentials for your guest.

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