Our guest bedroom is a room that I finished a few years ago, however, rooms in our house constantly evolve (and are never finished). One of the things we noticed was lacking pretty quickly was a set of bedside lamps. Originally we have a lovely giant metal star lamp on one side, but the practicalities of only have one lamp in the room became obvious quite quickly. Well, that and the fact that I am a serial décor pincher and that star lamp has since been relocated twice!

I was hating that the lack of a lamp made the room feel rather unfinished again. What with the ceiling spot lights, meant that the space wasn’t all that welcoming… It was either full brightness or full darkness. Of course my inability to keep anything green alive (sorry cacti!), added to the fact that the room was feeling a bit sparse, cold and unloved. With the exceptionally cold Aberdeenshire winter just around the corner, I wanted to put some soul back into the room and make it feel more welcoming.

Learning from our initial mistake of style over substance, I knew I wanted to source 2 bedside lamps this time. To contrast the striking wallpaper and bed spread, I wanted something plain, but with character. Perhaps something tactile, with texture that would add shape to the space, but not something too cold either. Anyone who knows me, knows I love a bargain, but I also like my home pieces to look unique. I don‘t want my rooms to look exactly like a store shop window.

How lighting can change a room

I knew I would find what I was looking for at TK Maxx. They always stock such a varied and eclectic range of designer and big brand homeware always up to 60% less than the RRP, and right now, there’s an extra special drop of lighting all across Scotland! If you watch any of my home haul on You Tube, you’ll know I’m a regular.

There were a few choices and I was torn between heavy industrial styling and scandi, but I think I found the perfect mix between the styles. A subtle hint of wood just adds a little bit of added warmth to combat the monochrome. A plain, yet textured surface of the lamp made it feel almost concrete and that flex cord is just a bit of an obsession of mine at the moment.

How lighting can change a room

It’s amazing what changing up the lighting can do to a room. It has lifted the room and given it back some much needed personality. The timeless shape has given a nice focal feature to the space and that all importance practical tick box is well and truly ticked!

How lighting can change a room

How lighting can change a room

There is a huge incentive now to keep this room in check and in fact, now that I have much softer lighting, I can see me hiding away in here for some relaxation time.
If you are looking for lighting to brighten up your home, be sure to check your local TK Maxx for their big brand lighting drop, happening RIGHT NOW across Scotland.

How lighting can change a room 4

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