Pressure…Something we all feel at some stage of our lives.  For me I tend to find that I need to release it before I boil over and turn into the female version of the Hulk.  Recently though, it’s something that’s become a more regular occurrence (dare I say every other day).  I find myself snapping over the smallest things and tumbling into a downward spiral of rage, not that uncommon to a toddler.

I try not to be too hard on myself…a trait that the hubs says is by far my worst. A lot has happened in our lives over the last year, which has changed our family dynamics as well as who I am as a person.  Throw in a 7 week long house renovation and a teething baby….well anyone would lose their cool…right?

Organisation and routine are my fail safe coping mechanisms…I thrive for logic and structure and I’ve written about that before.  I think this largely stems from my career to date.  I’ve always worked with deadlines and scheduled reports…trying to keep my desk clear at all times, so that if something unexpected landed on it with a short turnaround, nothing had to be sacrificed.

As a stay/work at home mum my days now, however, consist of dealing with little pint sized people, who make no logical sense whatsoever.  Ok, so we have our routine, thank goodness, but that’s about the only control I do have.  Sometimes my day feels very much like trying to balance on a see saw.

Switching off is something I definitely find hard to do.  The very nature of blogging about your lives means you are technically living your work….that’s no 9 till 5! Add in the social media element and there is no escape.

I will keep ploughing on though…whether it means I need to learn to ‘let go’ a bit more, or work a little harder to streamline our lives to allow for the unexpected…I will not be beaten!

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  1. I hope it all gets easier quickly for you. I thin a kitchen and house renovation is tough enough without having new little people about so you’re right, you do need to be kind to you. It will be worth it when it’s all done xx

  2. Oh lovely, you must not be hard on yourself you are doing so many major life changes.
    Much love and I am always at the end of the phone xx

  3. Just found you on bloglovin . Had to chuckle a bit about the Hulk side of you … I too have an innee hulk and sometimes I tend to hulk out like a toddler too.
    I hope it’s normal as it can be frequent depending on the pressure tank of life.

    Nice to read another blog which made me chuckle.

    Rachelswirl x

  4. SleeperMan Reply

    The best way to “let go” would be to relax the body. Mind, body and soul are all connected after all.
    People in Japan have their hot springs for that but I guess it’s just more convenient for them. A hot bath isn’t much worse.

  5. I can totally relate to how you feel.
    I sometimes feel overwhelmed by with too much today and organisation is key.

  6. Yay, good for you standing up against pressure! I am so prone to stress, and migraines induced by stress so I do feel your pain. Hope the pressure eases soon though x

  7. Ah yes, tiredness, being short tempered etc. Well, dealing with young kids is trying. Especially when you NED to do something for the good of the family, one kind wants to do something different and the other kids wants to do the opposite. This pretty much describes my life! Only now am I beginning to learn the mantra, “don’t sweat the small stuff”. Your hsuband’s right, don’t be too hard on yourself. #sharewithme

  8. You have always been my idol when it comes to organisation. I thought I was organised until I got to know you…! You know that it’s yourself putting on the pressure – I know where you’re coming from though as major renovations are incredibly testing!! xx

  9. Lisa Backsnbumps Reply

    I felt exactly the same as you before Xmas. A 3 month extension, pregnant with a baby due in Jan and severe SPD so couldn’t walk. It will get better once the renovations are done but for now try not to stress about the little things x

  10. I promise it gets easier as children get older, when mine were younger I didn’t blog, but now I regret that I have no photots and words of how i felt to look back on, I hope you manage to balance it all

  11. I really hope things calm down for you though sitting here with a beating head myself it did make me feel a bit less alone in feeling the stress getting to me today. There’s so much to juggle sometimes isn’t there? And like you I lean towards logic and organisation, something which toddlers aren’t known for – and to be honest, work didn’t follow those rules today either! #ShareWithMe

  12. I’m totally with you on this! My patience is limited and I find myself stressing over the little things. I try to chill out but I’m struggling. Maybe it’s because I’m pregnant and have a lot of my mind with the new arrival? Organisation and routine is key, without it I crack x
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  13. I don’t cope well under pressure and used to get the worst tension headaches (until i found Syndol! ), now I try and run when I’m stressed and it helps me loads. I hope it all eases off for you soon x

  14. Oh hunny please don’t ever feel like you are the only one in this mad craziness we call work/home/life balance. I shout all the time when I am overwhelmed with deadlines, laundry, and two tots screaming around me. You have to give yourself credit you have had SO much going on all at once. Home renovations are hair ripping out stimulators without little people in the mix and blogging and work etc on top of it all. I would need to cut back a few things before I exploded too. Even lately I find I have said yes to way too much and need a slower pace of life. Sometimes just living life is what we need. Your followers and amazing blog will be here all waiting for you to come back to it when you settle in a bit more. You aren’t giving yourself enough credit for all that you are accomplishing and doing. Biggest hugs to you. if you find you can’t step back start scheduling. Take one day to schedule a few social media for the whole week, then schedule one or two blog posts for the following week and do it all at once. Then you have the whole week to relax and not worry you haven’t done anything. But it’s ok if you haven’t. We all love you. xo
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    • Thank you sweetie…That’s so lovely of you and great tips too. Everything just feels so half done. I can’t wait to get everything done abd then settle into a regime with blogging xx

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