So we are only 3 weeks in to our very first school summer holiday and I can honestly say it’s doing us all the world of good!  I’m a rut lover, don’t get me wrong… and I have kept that in place as much as I can to keep the work side of life ticking over, but we just have the added benefit of having no after school commitments, no rushed meal times and no hurrying out the front door in the morning.  It’s like our regular rut… Only better!  Evenings can be spent getting outside and enjoying our surroundings.  We are lucky to be in such a gorgeous part of the country.  Sure we always moan about the weather… but the scenery is just breath-taking.Vertbaudet Kids clothes Review

The girls are enjoying the extra time together and I can really appreciate the changes when we don’t have to rush so much.  The last time Liv was around the house, MM was a totally different little person.  She couldn’t really say anything or play with her Sister.  Now however, they are chasing each other around and it is the most lovely thing being able to watch the start of a super cute bond between them.

Vertbaudet Kids clothes Review

Liv played that same long waiting game that we all play when a baby arrives. All that love, devotion and energy that goes into engaging with them and you’re lucky if you get a windy smile back.  Well It’s paying off dividends for her now.  MM is just obsessed with her and the house is full of little baby shouts for ‘iv!’.  Thankfully the love is requited (and some!) as Liv just adores her and loves nothing more than helping her.  She’s such a caring soul and she’s one of lives kind and gentle people. Their favourite thing to do of course is dress the same.  Since MM was born we bought what we could that was remotely matching and Liv always request this.  I’m sure that day will pass!  But for now I’m enjoying the twinning between them.

Vertbaudet Kids clothes Review

One thing we have always struggled with when dressing the girls is the sizing.  Liv especially is very tall for her age and has long legs.  We are starting to find now that she is that bit older, going up to the next size for the length means that we are compromising the fit around the waist.  This has meant that she is wearing jeans that are adjusted as tight as they can go and are all bunched up, saggy around the bum and having to try to disguise the unsightly and uncomfortable bunching with a belt.  MM has the opposite problem.  She is on the petite size and has short legs, but needs the waist size.  So she is usually in trousers that fit but are way down past her feet.

Vertbaudet Kids clothes Review

Vertbaudet asked us to check out their Adaptable Fit range for both girls, a range of clothes designed for narrow, medium or wide hips.  The range still has the adjustable wait band, but the fit is more tailored.  So for Liv we went up a size, but took the narrow fit and for MM we went down a size and took the wide fit.  The difference compared to a regular pair of high street jeans was remarkable.  No bunching at all for Liv… In fact we could have got away with the medium fit I think, as we were on the loosest waist band (and I like to get longevity).   MM was perfect too.  She had the room she needed around her tummy and of course for her nappy and we didn’t have to roll up 5 times (thankfully that’s trendy anyway!).

Vertbaudet Kids clothes Review

The sizing too of course meant that we were able to get them a few matching items to wear over the summer!  So keep a look out on our Instagram for plenty of twinning coming your way!

Disclosure: We were sent a selection of clothes from Vertbaudet to provide an honest review of the Adaptable Range.


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