Washing tips are something that are lovingly passed through generations. Some are coveted as much as that family recipe of granny’s…shhh don’t tell anyone the secret ingredient!

Well I’m breaking tradition in the name of streamlining family life, because everybody needs a tip to save a precious few minutes when it comes to household chores…

1.Peg Placement

When hanging washing out, be mindful how you peg certain garments to avoid peg marks.  This will mean you can spend a little bit less time trying to iron out those stubborn peg marks.

2.Heat Cheat

By folding up bedding straight from the dryer and leaving it on top of the warm dryer, the remaining heat will help get rid of creases.


Separate by material as well as colour…towel fluff will stick to some fabrics and is a pain to try and remove later.

4.Less Creases

Always take a few minutes to unravel arms and legs from your washing before transferring to the tumble dryer, so as not to set in any major creases.

5.Lost Washing

Place a lost sock basket in your utility room to make for easier pairing up…Lets face it, they ALWAYS go missing!

You can read more washing tips from other lovely bloggers on the Beko website.

Do you have any time saving washing tips that you’ll be passing down to your little ones?

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