toddlers constant talking

Don’t you just love toddlers constant talking?  Commentating the every day is by far Munch’s favourite past time.  I guess you spend the first year of your life listening, so when you find your voice….by heck do you want to use it!  To think, all those days as parents trying to add to your child’s vocabulary! It was always going to snowball.

From the moment Munch stirs, until the moment she drops off she goes into ‘Gary Lineker’ mode.  She’s quite the little yap!

My favourite time for Munch’s commentary is meal times.  Each mouthful has it’s very own audio description thanks to Munch…

“Mummy, I got peas on my plate.”

“Mummy, you not have peas on your plate.”

“Mummy, you want some peas? Daddy have peas.  I have peas. You want peas?”

“You having chicken mummy? You got potatoes mummy?”

“Mummy not have peas Daddy.  I have peas.  Daddy have peas”

I shouldn’t mock, because for an almost 3 year old she is bloody funny and great company due to this.  But everyday tasks don’t half become an FBI interrogation!

Does your toddler talk non stop?

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  1. Yep, LP talks about EVERYTHING especially when her and I go to the toilet together in public.
    I had a wee wee Mummy. No poo poo Mummy. Just a wee wee Mummy a yellow wee wee Mummy. I did a big wee wee Mummy.
    Mummy having a wee wee now! You having a poo poo Mummy? Just a wee wee Mummy. You have a yellow wee wee too Mummy? I got you, I get the tissue Mummy. Here you go Mummy, have the tissue Mummy! You naked Mummy! You got pants on Mummy! You finished wee wee Mummy? We go wash hands Mummy!
    Yep, in public, in toilets and the world gets a blow by blow account of us going to the toilet. Nice.
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  2. Caroline (Becoming a SAHM) Reply

    Aww I love this and am actually really looking forward to this! Having such a late talker I really appreciate everything he does say – I wonder if it will be more irritating in a years time though! 😉 xx #mmwbh

  3. oh yes. my toddler 18 months doesn’t speak yet but she is babbling constantly. my 5 and a half though she talks and talks and talks and every now and then I switch off and then feel guilty.. I wish I had the patience to hear everything she says..#badmummy

    Thank you for linking up with the #pinitparty

  4. Haha, this post made me chuckle. The peas comment especially, lol. I remember when my older ones where chatty little toddlers and man, non stop they’d be! Constant chitter about this and chatter about that and EVERYTHING in between and honestly? Annabelle isn’t quite there yet, but she’s not far and I cannot wait! Although…I say that now! lol! Great post hun, thanks so much for linking up with #MMWBH xx

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