Ensuring your home is ready for selling is the most important part of the process. How your home is presented to potential future buyers is key, as it really is the main deciding factor in the sale. Not only will preparing your house enable you to hopefully sell quicker, it could also add more value to the property and enhance its desirability.

Declutter – it’s so important to make sure that you make it easy for potential buyers to visualise what they could potentially do with the space you have to offer. Have a good clean out of all things that have accumulated over the years, little things that you never use or haven’t seen in months. If you have larger items that you want to keep hold of why not put them into storage, or if it’s stuff you really don’t need then send it to a local charity. The aim is to ensure that buyers can look at the space you have and picture themselves, with their furnishings and items there. They want to know if it will work, if the space is right and if you have things cluttered all over then not only will it look untidy but they won’t get a proper feel for what the room has to offer. Make sure you still have character in each room, don’t create an environment that doesn’t feel homely or lived in. It’s vital that you get the balance right between a homely environment and a functional home.

Odd Jobs – every household has little odd jobs that get left and forgotten about. From small tears in the carpet, door handles that don’t work or chips in the plaster, there’s always something that you mean to fix but it’s never really a priority. These however are the little things that viewers will notice first. It’s so noticeable when somethings not quite right and when selling a property, everything needs to be intact. Having a quick scan of the house ensuring all things have been fixed or touched up will just ensure that potential buyers don’t leave with a small doubt in their mind that there isn’t something in the house that they didn’t quite notice was broken.

For most people, the kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s the one room that viewers really take note of and expect a slight element of the ‘wow’ factor. There are a few ways in which you can ensure your kitchen is living up to its full potential. One great tip is to replace the cabinet doors, it’s cost effective as there are so many different cheap kitchen units out there, and even just replacement kitchen doors. So if you’re not keen on the idea of changing too much, you can just add those to create a fresher feel. Also, ensuring all utensils that aren’t used regularly are stored neatly away, you don’t want the room to look overcrowded or cramped. The aim is to show off the space you have and again, help the viewer get a proper feel to the room and how it would be for them.

Lighting – this is something people often underestimate when it comes to selling a home. If you get the lighting right, then you can create the perfect atmosphere for the viewers to walk into. Make sure your windows are clean, this allows natural light to filter through the room creating a warm and fresh vibe. Mirrors are also a great thing to include, they don’t just reflect light, they also help make the room look bigger which enables the room to look more attractive.

Freshen up with some paint – the painting in each room is really what brings the room together. It sets the tone and adds character. If you show a room and the paint work is chipped or unfinished then viewers will see this as an extra job and instantly be put off. It helps the viewers visualise what they would do with the room, where certain items would go and what would suit the room best.

Little extras – there are numerous little things that you can do to enhance your homes character and ensure that the viewers are impressed with what they see. Why not add some diffusers in certain rooms to create a gentle smell that viewers will be greeted with? Nobody wants to walk into a home with bad smells, it instantly creates a bad impression. Add some colour into the home, place some

bright flowers in the centre of the table or on the windowsill, this will make the room feel fresh and vibrant and also help create a homely aroma.

You will be surprised at how much of a positive impact making these few changes can really make when it comes to selling your home. Once you’ve finished, you may even wonder why you didn’t get round to it sooner!

Written by Jasmine Smith


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