I’ve written in the past about trying to be more savvy when it comes to household bills. I’m a definete bargain lover when it comes to buying things for the house, of clothes… But it doesn’t always translate well to household bills in my case.

The biggest problem for me is that once that direct debit is set up, I almost accept that’s how much it is. I might well have found a brilliant deal on my electricty at the time, but then I forget about it and it just rolls on. I’m not alone in this at all. The Energy Saving Trust found that over a third of the UK haven’t switched their energy supplier in the last 6 years, which mean missing out on £1,500 saving.

I’ve always found understanding tariffs for electricty quite confusing. Different rates and times, usage… They really don’t make it easy when you are trying to shop around. But there is a free tool run by Citizens Advice, which will do all the leg work for you.

This was something I done myself again recently (as it had been over 2 years) and saved myself £30 per month. I’m not quite sure why I was terrified to switch in the first place. Even when I realised there was a saving to be had, I called my existing supplier to see if they could match it (because I really didn’t want the “hassle” of moving) but when they couldn’t match it, it was no bother at all to proceed and do my little money saving “Joey from Friends” dance, proud in the knowledge that I’d just saved £360 a year!

If you haven’t switched energy supplier for a few years (if you can’t even remember when you did, it’s a good sign it’s time to check!), why not give it a go during the Energy Saving Trust’s Big Energy Saving Week. Check out their Facebook Page for a chance to win a Gorenje fridge/freezer, worth £899, or enter their quiz for a chance to win £1,500.

Happy Saving!

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