It seems very unpleasant when you suffer from car trouble during any road journey. Also, it worsens the situation when your car breaks down far away from your home. Its very important to take precautionary steps before starting your vehicle for a long drive.

Before you leave your house, you need to see few important things.

Check your car battery

You need to see if your car battery is old enough and needs a change. If a car battery is 3-4 years old you need to replace it for a better performing battery boosting your engine when you go on a drive with your family.

Leaving Car Electricals on when Engine is not running

Many of the times, we keep car accessories switched on such as radio or check lights. When the vehicle is not running, it is not the right thing to do so as it will have an adverse effect on your battery causing the engine to halt performing the next time you start your car. Therefore, you need to be very vigilant and check all accessories before leaving your car.

Checking Tyre Quality

Looking at the wear and tear of your vehicle tyres is as important as other maintenance car checks. The better the quality of your tyres , the less chances of them getting deteriorated. You can look for the right type of tyres in London from Iverson Tyres where all top class tyre brands are available. Along with this regular tyre pressure checks will also help tyres from getting flatten out too quickly.

All these notes will help you avoid unexpected halts while you are on drive with your loved ones.


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