Back when I was my girls’ age and there was only 1 outside bin for the house. It was a traditional grey bin with a black lid and it was emptied once a week by binmen who had to lift and throw its contents into the back of a bin lorry. Fast forward to now and the bin lorries might look fairly similar, but the way in which we deal with waste is entirely different.

I guess over my 30 or so years, I can’t really remember the gradual changes in the UK when it comes to recycling household waste, but I’d certainly say it’s upped a notch in the last 10 years across the entire country, and that can only be good thing.

There’s still a long way to go when it comes to packaging and what can and can’t yet be recycled, but when it comes to disposing of your household waste the whole process has become very easy and almost second nature. Most homes can now sort their waste to be uplifted in a whole host of categories from paper, glass, plastic, garden, food and ultimately leaving those non-recyclables.

I don’t know about you, but most of our household waste stems from the kitchen, where even though recycling is such an everyday action… the traditional kitchen bin hasn’t really evolved to allow us to compartmentilise our waste in the home to correspond with the bins we have outside. Which led to us collecting glass or tins next to the bin. That was until we discovered the new Brabantia waste bins.

The new BO range of pedal bins give you an option of 1, 2 or even 3 inners to suit your recycling habits, perfect for sorting your household waste to match that of your outside recycling bins. So we no longer have to store various categories of waste “on the side”, they now have a place of their very own.


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