One of the things I love the most about our home is the number of lights we have. I actually counted for the purpose of this post and we have 88. Now it might sound extreme, but when you consider the fact that we have 25 in the kitchen/family room alone (due to its deep window sills and lack of light most of the year in Scotland) it’s not too bad.

Philips LED Halogen ban

One thing I wasn’t aware of however, until Philips got in touch, was that there is a European Halogen Ban coming into effect this September. Like most people, we got into the habit of repeat buying the bulbs that we have always bought and put up with the orange glow that they give off on dark days (complete with grumble noises about how dark the room/Scotland is), but I had no idea just how many light choices there actually are!

Philips LED Halogen ban

You might already know that you can buy bulbs in various colour shades (hands up who isn’t the bulb buyer for their house). So that orange glow we had, is actually a real simple problem to fix. But there are all sort of strengths, colours and scene abilities in the Philips SceneSwitch and wider LED range. So depending on whether you want a warm white glow or a cool white tone you can have the flexibility change the mood depending on what you are doing. LED allows you to create the best toned lighting for the rooms in your home, whether you want to work, rest or play.

We are huge lovers of cool white downstairs, in the living and home office space (especially during the day, when you are working, or want to stay alert), but at night we like to have the ability to switch to a warm white, to create a more cosy atmosphere in the rooms to relax and wind down… Even snuggle up for our favourite movie (I’ve lost count of how many times we’ve watched Home Alone!) That’s where Philips SceneSwitch comes in handy… A light bulb which can switch from warm to cool, just at the flick of a switch. Giving you the best of both tones.

LED technology has come on so much since its first release and now you can benefit from all the pros, with very few niggles. The only niggle now is the initial cost of the bulbs, but when you consider that they last up to 15 times longer, not only are you reducing waste but also saving cost in the long run. Couple that with the fact that Philips LED bulbs are up to 80% more energy efficient than halogen bulbs and you’re onto a winner.

Philips LED Halogen ban

If you want to find out just how much you can save, hop across to the Philips LED savings convertor and bring your savings story to life. With our 88 bulbs, we can make a saving of £501 per year… Enough for a weekend away with the girls!

Disclosure: This is in association with Philips LED lighting


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