Every year my social media feed is full of the famous school battle that plagues the parents all over England and my heart goes our to each and every one of you.  Thankfully, we live in Scotland, where children are automatically allocated to a school within each school zone.  There is only 1 school in each zone in our town, so by large, the system is fool proof…Everyone is happy.  Like most things though, there is a threshold…a border…a cut off point which creates the difference between Munch going to school with her friends she has made at nursery …or facing school life with no other children her age at a near by small country school.

Having only moved a few years ago, we were aware that the catchment zone was at the end of our road.  We were reassured however, that a family on our road were accepted to the larger main school.  So, we thought we were fine.  Anyone who has been in a similar situation though will know that previous admission history stands for nothing.  The intake varies each year and if the school is over subscribed with children in zone, then no one else will be considered.  This means that Munch’s life changing decision balances on a distance of 0.6 miles (we stay in a rural area, so let me assure you that this is a tiny margin…we are 3 houses out.)  Infact given the way the zone is marked out on the map, it actually purposefully bows to exclude our little dead end road of 4 houses.

I know what you are thinking…it’s not the systems fault.  Why did we go ahead with the sale?  Why didn’t we research the school situation more?  Why did we just accept that we would be fine?  Lets face it…if Munch doesn’t get into this school, it’s all our fault as parents.  We will have failed her and for what…the perfect house.

This week we placed the application forms to the main school.  I didn’t apply for the small school, because we will be guaranteed a place there anyway.  So now we have the dreaded wait, that we didn’t think we would have…the sleepless nights…the anxious feeling that you have no control over the future for your child.

It’s clearly the hot topic at nursery, with the other children all knowing what school they are going to.  I have had to explain that we have to wait to find out what school she will go to.  I’m trying to keep emotions out of it.  I don’t want to even mention that she has a chance of attending school with her friends.  I’ve kept it very open and simply said that because we live in the country, we have to wait and see.

The worst of it is, we will have to relive this when it’s time for MM to go to school and then the wretched guilt will start all over again.

We are hoping to meet with the Head Teacher for a tour in the coming weeks, which will give us an opportunity to at least find out when the decision will be made.

I have never crossed everything so hard before in my life.  I guess it’s out of our hands for now.




  1. Ashleigh Day Reply

    Good luck! My little boy has just started part time at pre school (not as big as proper school) and he’s a little Un sure at the minute! Hope everything goes well for you all #love2blog

  2. Keeping everything crossed for you! We have the problem of there being so many primary schools in our area i can’t even guess where Lamb will end up. The one that is closest for us to walk to is where I want him to go, but that’s not the official catchment school for our house. There’s literally one behind our back garden, but that would be a much longer walk to get to. I’ll be feeling how you’re feeling this time next year when we are applying for Lambs placement xx

  3. I’ll keep my fingers and toes crossed for you, hope you get the decision you are hoping for. I remember being really nervous about school admissions, despite the fact the school we applied to was the closest suitable school and so we were pretty much guaranteed a place, there was still something niggling in my head that we might not get accepted! It’s a stressful time, isn’t it?x
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  4. Good Luck – I live in rural Wales so have a similar situation as in that most children go to the school of choice. Having said that, I found out this week that some were not accepted at Pickles nursery which was a shock. I have to apply again for his full time place. Kaz x

  5. Good luck meeting the headteacher. We are so lucky to have our child go to an amazing school. I feel so blessed! Thanks for sharing with us.

    Angela x

  6. I totally have everything crossed for you. I’ve been through that worry and battle for the best school for my children 3 times and am so relieved to be out the other side. I’ll be popping back regularly to see the outcome xx

  7. Good luck lovely, I will keep my fingers and toes crossed for you. We had such a nightmare with Mads school. We applied to the three we wanted, like we do in England and got into our third choice, our catchment school, which we really weren’t happy about. So we reapplied to three different schools and got into the third, again which I wasn’t happy about. We hadn’t even been to see it at that point. But we went to look at it and really liked it so we decided just to go for it. A month or so later we got a call to say she had got into our first choice school on our second application. We had a really difficult decision to make but decided to go with our gut and went with the new school. I am so glad she did- it is a tiny small primary school and she is absolutely thriving. Life has a funny way of working its way out. x

  8. Good luck, it’s terrifying isn’t it? Pressing send on our application this week was so nerve wracking as it is now completely out of our hands. Our first choice school is literally round the corner and all our friends kids go there, plus some of O’s friends. I’ll be devastated if he doesn’t get a place! xx

  9. Awwww, it must be worrying. Really hope it works out for you. We’re waiting to hear whether Arthur has got into our chosen primary school at the moment too, but fingers crossed should be fine. x

  10. Lovely now firstly you most certainly are NOT bad parents so stop that immediately, I hope you get the school you wish for but let me tell you sometimes what you think is the best does not mean the alternative is not.

    We moved 1 day before the forms had to go in, Addison moved miles away from her old nursery and did not know anyone when she went to her school, 25 kids from her class had siblings in the school and she was only one of 2 who had no connection to the school, her teacher tells me a term in she is one of the most adjusted in the class, she has so many little friends and unlike the others because she didn’t know any she is not restricted like some of the other children.
    So please don’t panic, Munch is a bright, beautiful and happy little girl, they never make real friends till they are 6 and older most of the time anyway, she will be happy and settled, but I have everything crossed for you xxx

  11. Good luck, It’s such a horrible situation isn’t it. We have just applied for Jack to start reception in Sept and the school we really want we are out of catchment for so just keeping everything crossed to see if he gets in. Our catchment school is also ‘outstanding’ but we didn’t get a great feeling when we went to have a look around so if we get allocated that I’m not sure what we’ll do. Such a headache! Thankfully he passed the assessment to our local private school and I’ve reserved a place for him, so if we end up being allocated a school we don’t want, we have another choice. x

  12. I honestly felt a little sick just reading this lovely, it must be so horrible for this kind of thing to be out of your hands. We are lucky here knowing that Arthur will go to my husbands school, but I know I’d be a nervous wreck just like you if we were still in the UK. I hope you don’t have a long wait to find out, since that is surely the worst bit of it all!! You sound like you’re handling it really well! X

  13. Hope you get the school you want! It is such a big thing. I went through the school process last year with my daughter. x

  14. Ah I remember this too well with our two girls, and for us it was the dreaded wait of if they would both get in (twins) as apparently this isn’t guaranteed! Now we are safe for another 4 years until applying for proper big school!

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