Family sterotypes have somewhat been washed away over the generations and family dynamics are now complex, diverse and difficult to pigeon hole.  For us, we are very much an evening and weekend family.  Responsibility doesn’t sit solely with either hubs or myself, we very much share tasks around the house and take a quite balanced approach on the family front too.  When it comes to extra curricular activies, we take turns to attend those that are past MM’s bedtime, but for those that aren’t we all go.  It might sound corny, but our family is our hobby and we like to spend as much of it as a little unit of 4 as much as we can.

We like to make sure we clear our schedules and workload so that we can do as much as possible.  The girls are growing up and it’s already clear to see that they have busy socials lives comprising of their own friends and hobbies, that in time will take favour entirely to own family weekends.  Our weekends are filling up with playdates, parties and events, and fitting time in together is becoming a bit like the a Crystal Maze challenge.

Feeding the ducks

Last weekend you could say we were unlucky when Munch was ‘struck down’ with the latest school bug and sent home on the Friday.  She was upset to miss not one, but two extra curricular activities and also her friends party.  But we’re a team and we tackled it like most families do, make the most of this new found time.  It was clear pretty quickly that the ‘bug’ was no more than drinking a bottle of water too quickly and so when Saturday morning came we did something that we don’t normally get to do on a Saturday and that’s have a lie in.  We found some gift cards from Christmas that we hadn’t spent and a couple of piggy banks that were bursting at the seams.  Whilst MM napped the piggy banks made their way to a local sorting machine and banked… We eventually then got dressed and headed out to feed the ducks for the first time this year.  Much as I’m a lover of the rut, it was great to rebel it and ‘bunk off’ from the routine for once.

Feeding the ducks

Feeding the ducks

The afternoon was filled with exploring a toy shop to spend those forgotten vouchers.  This was the first time Munch has been given money to spend in a toy store.  We usually say she can pick something, but clearly the responsibility of a value was something she treasured and she wanted to make sure she picked up the perfect combination of toys.  I’ve never seen someone take so much care and be so thankful of the experience at hand.

Feeding the ducks

We rounded up proceedings with a family meal and headed back home after dark (which if you know me, is a big deal when the kids are involved).  All in all the gift of time and a little routine break did us the world of good and something that I’ll treasure forever as a favourite family memory.

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