If you follow on instagram, you’ll know that at the weekend we packed up and headed South to visit my beloved Nana.  Her health over the last 12 months went downhill quicker than I thought was possible.  Perhaps because we stay so far away and therefore don’t see the day to day, the changes are far more stark.

We knew that there was every chance that this visit could have been the last, but I don’t think anyone was actually prepared for that to be true.  It’s rather fitting that on her last day she was visited by the family from far and wide, almost as though she waited for it, before she peacefully drifted off surrounded by us in the small hours the next morning.

As lifespans go, she got the full house… she saw every milestone you could possibly see in a life time, including great grandchildren.  There was nothing left to witness. Even though the acceptance is there, that she’d simply got to the end of her natural life at 90, the pain still runs deep.  But she made it… and I’m finding solace in the fact that she got to play such a large part in my life.  That I can look back and smile at the fond memories I have of her.  That her passing was loving, peaceful and caring.

It’s an unusual feeling, to feel deeply saddened but also proud that she made it all the way.  Although it’s the end of an era, she has certainly made her mark on our world and will never be forgotten.




  1. I think you are probably right about the hanging on part, after Alice’s home birth I have said more than once that that’s how we should enter and leave the world, surrounded by family.

  2. Vicki - mummy to my little cheeky monkey Reply

    So sorry to hear this sad news. It’s coming up three years in may since I lost my nannie and I miss her everyday, more so since I had Freddie xx

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