Well…I’m back (said tentatively).  I’m still not 100% but I’m over what, hands down, has to be the worst sick bug I’ve ever had.  It wiped me out from Monday evening, until this morning…almost a week!  A royally busy week too.  My hubs had his redundancy consultation at work, a trip to London, we had a school meeting, I had a dentist appointment I’d waited 5 months for and numerous deadlines.

I like to keep it real.  Freelancing is great and brings numerous benefits to a busy family life…mainly flexibility.  Had it been a short illness, I could have worked it back over the week, but it wasn’t on this occasion. Instead I lay in bed, unable to lift my head…the room spinning…knowing that every day was costing us as a family.

Sure, we had the financial cost of the extra nursery session for MM the day that Hubs was in London and then there’s the week I lost freelancing for the agency that I can’t now invoice for (nor would I expect to). But then there’s the relationships that get pushed to new limits.  Poor Hubs had to take days off work, at a time where everyone is really under the microscope.  Children are kept at a distance, in the hope that they don’t catch it….poor Munch did.

When I was in employment…a sick day was just a sick day.  You took as long as you needed and if you were lucky enough, you even got paid.  People back at the office could cover various things until you got back. But not in the freelance world!  A sick day is 100% lost revenue and then some.  It’s time you can’t spend on your social media platforms, because you can’t stare at the screen without being sick.  It’s a pile of deadlines mounting up that no one can cover for you.

The annoying thing…There is nothing you can do about it!  It will happen again….just maybe next time not on such a busy week.



  1. Sorry you’ve been poorly lovely, it is so hard to juggle life around freelancing. I wouldn’t have it any other way but it can be tough sometimes when people are poorly, especially yourself! I am struggling trying to work with a newborn, but I can’t say no to the money as we need it! xx

  2. Anna International Reply

    I totally know how this feels – even without kids a few unexpected days off from freelance can play serious havoc with your schedule. I had flu earlier this year and though I was only in bed for 3 days, the residual brain fog meant it was a week nearly before I could trust myself to start editing again. Which knocked back the two jobs from that week, one or two from the next, and then impacted on a much bigger one that was pending. Grr.
    So glad you are feeling better though, and I hope that you are back to 100% soon. x

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