Recently I was very lucky to have a blogging friend pick me for a gifting challenge she was working on with  With Christmas just around the corner, the lovely Gaby, from Life in Eight, was asked to nominate a fellow blogger (me) to receive a surprise gift and in return they (that’s me!) would get to select and send a surprise gift back.  How could I resist!

I know Gaby really well, and figured that I would know exactly what to get her and I had full faith that she would select the right gift for me also.

The lovely people at sent across a list of 10 products they predict will be the Black Friday must haves and all we had to do was play secret santa and choose what to send each other.  The only rule was to not tell each other what we picked (I guess you could, but where’s the fun in that?!)

Now I won’t tell you what I picked for Gaby, you will have to pop across to her gifting post for that!  However, I can tell you what Gaby picked for me… A new TV!

When it arrived, I was like a kid at Christmas!  I was so excited to see what I had been sent and when I saw it was a TV, I was thrilled! We are in dire need of 2 TV’s actually and with this being a 32 inch including a built in DVD player and Freeview, it was perfect to replace the 9 year old TV up in our master bedroom.

Toshiba 32 inch tv with built in dvd ao gifting challenge

The TV we had up there was working, but due to lack of freeview, only had basic channels.  We had it running through a Sky box ( we don’t have Sky anymore) and therefore we had 2 remotes, extra cables… Well you get the drift!

Toshiba 32 inch tv with built in dvd ao gifting challenge

Now we have a lovely clean profile screen to watch TV on, with just one remote, more channels, internet connectivity and also a DVD player (BlueRay didn’t and won’t catch on in this house!) and because TV’s now come with USB ports, we can connect our GoogleCast with hidden cables… It’s the small things!

Toshiba 32 inch tv with built in dvd ao gifting challenge

Thank you so much Gaby and for my amazing gift!

Disclaimer – collaborative post



  1. Ooh what a fab Secret Santa pressie! I don’t think we could be without a second tv up in my room. It means that the boys can be sent up to watch Netflix or something on Sky when I’ve had enough of the noisiness, lol! ?

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