Teeth Brushing in Children

Munch was late in getting her first tooth and even at age 2 she is still missing a few front incisors on one side.  However, this doesn’t change how we look after them.

The standard advice for teeth brushing in children is:

  • Use a small toothbrush with soft, round-ended bristles of differing lengths, and a small, angled head. Change the brush at least every three months, or when the bristles start to spread out.
  • Use a smear of fluoride toothpaste, or a pea-sized amount if your child is three years or older. Under-threes should use a low-fluoride toothpaste containing about 1,000ppm (parts per million) of fluoride.
  • Brush using small circular movements. Don’t saw from side-to-side, as this may damage his gums, and it won’t scrub his teeth.
  • Concentrate on one section of the teeth at a time, and don’t forget the backs.

Source: Baby Centre

Teeth brushing in children can be tricky.  We started off with two regular toothbrushes, one for Munch and one for us.  She would mainly chew her toothbrush, after having sucked the toothpaste off and then we were lucky enough to be granted access to clean the little toothy pegs properly.  Safe in the knowledge that we were keeping them clean.  Now I don’t know about you, but recently tooth brushing in our household has become somewhat of a mission!  At first I thought she was perhaps old enough to take over herself, but when I read that you should assist with children’s teeth cleaning until the age of 7-8, I knew we had to re-discover the love of toothbrushing.

She always really loved my electric toothbrush, but this was a bit heavy for a 2 year old and perhaps a bit on the rough side.  I did some investigating and found a few toddler electric toothbrushes, one of which was from Mothercare, called ‘Gentle Vibrations’

Teeth Brushing in Children

The brush is suitable for use from birth and comes with a double sided teething head, to massage sore gums.  I mainly liked it as you could change the toothbrush heads, which the other ones I looked at didn’t allow.  The standard toothbrush head is also double sided.  With a mirror on one side, which I imagine would be handy for investigating any new teeth at teething stage, thus saving your fingers from sharp little teeth!

It all comes on a nice little stand, to keep it neat by the sink.

Teeth Brushing in Children

Munch was over joyed with her new toothbrush.  The vibrations of it are exactly as labelled…gentle!  The vibration is not oscillating and therefore, it by no means eliminates the need for assistance.  We still get involved to ensure her teeth are cleaned properly.  I do see it more as an introduction to an electric brush and we would look to get one with a timer on it next time.  I dare say if we’d gone straight to a full function electric brush, she may have been put off a bit and I didn’t want to risk that.  So for now, teeth brushing for our toddler is fun again.  However long it lasts for!



  1. This looks great, and it’s fab you are no longer having wars 🙂 I’ll have to check it out as 21mo is very defiant when it comes to teeth brushing at the moment!

  2. I had no idea they made electric toothbrushes for babies! My toddler keeps trying to grab mine so that would be perfect for her. I’ll definitely check it out, thanks

  3. Oh wow this toothbrush looks amazing, I have such a battle with my 18 month old, she refuses any help whatsoever… Making it a very stressful process! X

  4. WOW! I had no idea you could get ‘Buzzy’ toothbrushes for kids. My toddler is obsessed with mine but is really quite non-enthusiastic about his own little brush. This may be the perfect Xmas present. Thanks so much for linking up to the Monday Parenting Pin It Party. This is honestly the best linky I ever hosted as every week I find something so useful like this. Thanks again, Jen x
    Mum of One recently posted…Mondays Parenting Pin It Party #25My Profile

    • Certainly. It’s the Mothercare Gentle Vibrations Toothbrush. It appears to be out of stock online, as it’s in the sale. But keep an eye on it.

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