I know we’re all doing a happy dance that spring has finally well and truly sprung and even summer has been peeking its head up this past week, from time to time. But I wanted to spare a moment to talk about some of the problems these seasons bring with them.

I’ve mentioned over on my Instagram about how the warmer weather can really heighten the rituals in our household and how allergies and sensitivities can lead to skin irritations. So, I wanted to go into more detail about our little sensitive souls.

Firstly, we recently had MM come home in an awful state after just 1 day of suncream use and the flare up on her skin lasted a couple of days. I should mention that until now we’ve not had a problem with suncream before, so it came as a bit of a shock, as she was complaining of being itchy and sore in those areas. She’s fine now but these flare ups are something we have become a familiar sight.

Both girls suffer with traditional sensitive skin and eczema to the tops of their arms, thighs and their cheeks, which hopefully they will grow out of. So we always have to be ultra careful of things like paints, those temporary tattoos that kids just love at parties and even the more obvious washes, creams and lip balms. We’re still learning what causes a flare up on each of them and what they can and can’t go near. Liv more so than MM, but both have some pretty unique things that they need to avoid.

We were recently sent Neutral 0% laundry detergent and fabric softer, which has the Allergy UK Seal of Approval and we’ve been putting it through its paces. Being 0% in both perfume and colour, as well as being dermatologically tested, we knew we were in good hands from the start.

It can feel like juggling act at this time of year, keeping an eye on everything that they come into contact with. So, it’s just reassuring to know that we are best prepared for allergy season and that the girls are less at risk of any flare ups.

If you’re interested in trying the products, the Neutral 0% Washing Liquid and Fabric Conditioner are currently on promotion in Ocado and the range is also available from Sainsbury’s and Amazon. To find out more about Neutral 0% visit www.neutralsensitiveskin.com. #neutralsensitiveskin #ad

Disclaimer: In Association with Neutral 0%


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