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I read a while back on a blog post by Californian Mum about an absolutely endearing mummy & daughter day.  It was such a heartwarming tale, that I vowed then to never give up on me and Munch’s relationship.

You see Munch has always been a Daddy’s girl, which I was and still am.  However, it plagues me with all sorts of nasty feelings that she will grow up.  I wish there was a ‘how to have a great relationship with your daughter’ book.  I can follow instructions quite well, more so than follow my instincts.

Ever since the day Munch was born, I’ve questioned every little decision I’ve made.  Not just at the time, but I’m talking about real preemption kind of shit.  Over analysing everything I say and wondering what the consequences will be long term.  So needless to say every little sign of a Daddy’s girl has me feeling like a total failure already (god help me when she’s a teenager!)

I’m already preempting Munch reading this when she is older and thinking I’m a attention seeking mare.  Will it have an adverse effect?  I’m not looking for a reaction, it’s just an opening for a blog post for goodness sake!

Anyway, enough of the sweepings from the bottom of my brain.  So it’s with thanks to Californian Mum that I picked myself up and dusted myself down.  I’m not giving up without a fight!  This week saw my first fight.  Munch had a hospital appointment and I decided that we’d each make a day of it.

mummy & daughter day

We read Christmas books after breakfast, sat in every electric car in Toys R Us (before deeming that this was quite possibly the closest we’d come to owning a BMW X6).  We hit the Next Sale, then Mothercare, before finally nipping past the hospital (I mean nip).  The appointment took all of 5 minutes.  The surgeon said he didn’t need to see Munch again (yay!)

How do us girls celebrate?  Well we hit the mall and sit on the Peppa Pig ride, skip all the way down to Pizza Hut (ignoring the miserable glances from Carluccios enroute). We sang before hitting another Next sale (shout out for the bunny pants).

We finally came home and watched Toy Story 3 and played Mummy & Baby all afternoon, taking turns to read each other stories in her bed (Munch can’t read, but she did a good job from the pictures).

mummy & daughter day

So you see, even though we’re a full time working family who spend every second out of work as a three, I can still find the time to fight my demons and stick 2 fingers up to them.

PS Apologies for the quality of the pictures.  We were having too much fun to snap everything and what we did manage to snap, was thanks to the good old iphone!

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