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Another busy week over at the Munchers house.  All work and no play this week and next week is set to be the same, so alot of time has been spent scheduling what I can, so I don’t let my blog slip, or eat into the weekend.

I’m sure this week will set another round of snow pictures and this wee I can join in! Here’s my #littleloves for Morgana this week:


I’ve read some amazing posts this week.  I’ve started to look out for some easy baking and cooking recipes, so this week I’ve added another blog to my ‘favs’ feed on blog lovin’, Honest Mum.  Her recipe for coconut, chocolate and avocado brownies looks amazing!  I’m coconut daft, so I welcome any ideas of how to cram it more into my everyday (I even have coconut shower gel!)

You also know through my Bloggers Homes series, that I’m obsessed with home decor and room reveals in particular.  So I loved scrolling through Capture by Lucy boys bedroom reveal.  Stunning!!


This rather jaw dropping clip of a road accident that really begs belief!


My heart skip a beat as I skidded on a back country road.  I managed to avoid a telegraph pole and a wall.  Either I was the Stig in a former life, or I’m heck of a lucky!


My rather delicious date night meal from Donald Russell (review coming up)

Made little loves 060215


It may be snowing, but that doesn’t stop me wearing dresses.  Teaming them with tights and a long cardi.  This week I forgot I had this lovely cotton Mango dress (I think navy is a bit of a favourite colour of mine).

Wore little loves 0602

But I’m not altogether bonkers.  I have been wrapping up too!  Being Scottish, it’s a cliche, but I do have a tartan scarf.  Would you expect any less?!Wore little loves 060215


And lastly..

Yep, You guessed it…snow, snow and more snow! I thought we had avoided it, but we got hit!  Being quite high up, mean that when we get hit, we are quite exposed and get a bit of drifting.  So I could be leaving 4″ of snow at home and get to Aberdeen and there is nothing!

Else little loves 060215



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