Today is superhero day and this week saw us hunting the city of Aberdeen for superhero costumes, to no avail.  So Munch is going to nursery dressed as Cinderella.  Anyone who can keep a house that clean is a superhero in my eyes.

It’s been a busy week of swimming, Pizza Hut and midwife appointments, so here’s this weeks little loves.


This week, I have to shout out to Katie over at Mummy, Daddy, Me who posted the smile inducing part one of her latest trip away.  I just love watching the bond between her little girls.  I hope that baby button and Munch can be that close.

I also have to shout out to the lovely Emma from Life at the Littlewood, who wrote a post about her abode that really hit home with me, as it’s a process we are currently going through.


My little girl go down the big slide at swimming.  Obviously I don’t have any pictures of her swimming at the local pool given the regulations on cameras.  But looking forward to being able to get some of her on holiday in a few weeks, as I’ve never seen her smile so hard as she paddles about in her My Little Mermaid costume.


This song is on an advert at the minute and now that I’m over 30 and firmly addicted to Magic fm in the car, I’ve heard it quite a few times on the radio too.


Finishing touches around the house.  I had more success at finding home accessories than I did at finding a superhero costume.  Here’s a sneek peek of what we’re up to at the moment, including starting the blogging HQ.

little loves made 3 150515

little loves made 1 150515

little loves made 2 150515




It rained all weekend, so I haven’t managed to capture Munch’s outfit.  However here is my fluffy cashmere jumper ala bump eye view!

little loves wore 1 150515


And lastly..

I’m pleading and begging for nominations for this years Mads Awards, in the homes & interiors category.  There are so many good bloggers in that category who I would never imagine being matched against, but  figure if I don’t at least ask, I’ll never know.  Voting closes on the 20th May.






  1. My girls love swimming too, love watching them. Though watching E in her swimming lessons is so frustrating as she just messes about, haha! Loving all your home renovations, looking forward to seeing Blogging HQ finished.
    Enjoy the weekend! xx

  2. I love swimming and I love watching my two splash about too. There’s something so relaxing about it – well when there aren’t a billion kids dive bombing you anyway! Cinderella is definitely a superhero – I could use her cleaning skills around here that’s for sure! Love that cushion! Have a great weekend! x

  3. Life at the Little Wood Reply

    You really made me giggle about Cinderella being a superhero. HOW TRUE!! 🙂 Thanks so much for mentioning me pet. I think we are so similar in lots of ways, but I know you just ‘get’ the attachment to a home and a place. Baby button is looking super smart in his/her cashmere. Very snuggly! Have the best weekend poppet xx

    • Hope you had a great one! We will get the place ship shape sooner than later! I just want to start enjoying it

  4. I love watching Moo swimming, its such a wonderful thing to learn and I am amazed at how quickly they pick it up! Loving your house decor bits! Especially the cushion! Have a wonderful weekend xxx

  5. Love your take on Cinderella being a superhero- I am TOTALLY with you on that! As a fellow interiors nut, I am looking forward to seeing how your ‘blogging HQ’ progresses. We’re turning my youngest’s room into an office/work space at the moment, so I’m always looking for inspiration! Have a great weekend 🙂

  6. It’s cute watching them swimming isn’t it? O has a huge smile on his face the entire time and his confidence is growing so much it’s lovely to see.
    Love your happy cushion! xx

  7. Alexandra @dontcallmestepmummy Reply

    Haha, yes!! Cinderella is most definitely a superhero, and it would be great if she stopped by here sometime. Can’t wait to see what you do with Blogging HQ, this is what we’ll be doing in the near future to our Walk-In now that it is no longer Eden’s nursery. Lovely #littleloves

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