I’m beyond restless with waiting to show you completed rooms, so I’m taking to showing you some corners that are complete.  First up I’m going to show you my grown up dressing table, which is an Ikea Malm and how I decorated it and then show you how I have organised the rather spacious drawer itself.

Ikea Malm Styling

As you can see, I like to keep it fairly clear.  I’m not one for having beauty products on show, purely as it lives in the corner of our master bedroom and so I like to try and make it feel like it fits in with the room.  You haven’t seen the full room yet, so you will need to trust me when I say that it is ‘industrial chic’ (as I call it!).  This is what I call it when I have gone for an industrial look and then half chickened out and threw some practicality and comfort in there.  So, you will notice that I have thrown a cosy grey faux fur rug over the stool.  This stool came from our last house (Graham & Green) and is a bit ‘showhome’ for my liking and I’m currently on the hunt for the perfect stool that is inkeeping with the room.

organising ikea malm

Also from our last house is the giant dresser mirror (Ebay) , which I use for doing my hair.  I like the style of it and I’m investigating ways to distress it slightly so that it looks even better.  You really can get a vibe for the room by looking at the distressed copper leaf effect ‘&’ sign (which I have 2 of!).  This is from Rockett St George.  You will want to secure it with some sticky tac, as I’ve lost it off the side a few times when I’ve shut the drawer.

organising ikea malm

I have zero luck with plants, having just killed off 3 cacti recently… so I paid a bit extra for an artificial one from Tesco (£7 I believe).  Guaranteed not to die!

organising ikea malm

Moving over the the other side, I have a gold coloured leaf plate (Rockett St George), where I place any jewellery that I might be wearing.  I do own a lovely watch, which I lost when we moved house nearly 3 years ago… so if it ever turns up, he has a home.  I also have 2 votive candles from H&M, which came as a set.  I have these in the guest room too.  I like the style of the animal faces and the gold edging.

organising ikea malm

The last decorative item I have is this bull dog ornament, which I got from Debenhams years ago and still love.  I think it just finishes off the dressing table nicely and adds balance to that side.

Ikea Malm Storage & Organising

It’s no surprise that I have the Muji storage containers for the Ikea Malm drawer (they should just come as standard really!), which means I can organise my various skincare products and make up and find exactly what I need with no fuss at all.  They were really cheap, starting from as little as a pound per tub, so I really recommend them for any Ikea Malm owner.

organising ikea malm

If you are interested in finding our more about the products, I filmed a Ikea Malm drawer tour, where you can see the products I use and exactly how I’ve stored them all.

I keep all my hair products and tools under my dressing table in these baskets from H&M.  Ideally I would have them completely out of sight, but it is a daily dressing table after all, so it must be functional.  The hair things I don’t use everyday are stored away elsewhere.

organising ikea malm



  1. I’m awful with plants too – we have some artificial ones in the conservatory. Absolutely love the gold leaf plate. I’ve been toying with getting something like this for my bedside drawers. They’re mirrored so I think something like this would look lovely there. Beautiful, as always. I love your style xx

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