Cheap sheepskin rug

I’m thinking ahead to the kitchen being fitted (someday!!!) and how I want to get Eiffel style chairs for our oak dining table.  Every Eiffel chair loves a sheepskin rug thrown on it, so this week I’m researching exactly that!

Sheepskin Rug Splurge

I adore the texture and colours of this splurge sheepskin rug from Cox & Cox (a recently discovered favourite!) It looks so soft and comfortable, but the price is the only pinch factor for me.  This sheepskin rug comes in at £165.

Sheepskin Rug Save

If the Cox & Cox sheepskin rug is a bit steep, then you can always rely on Ikea to have something similar.  Their Ludde sheepskin rug is plain white, but more friendly at the till, costing just £30.

I have to say I much prefer the Cox & Cox rug.  I don’t know whether it’s the photo, but it looks far more welcoming to me.  I guess I better start saving the pennies!

What do you think?

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