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Want a modern home for less?  Look no further than ‘Splurge Vs Save’!

Last week I found a great save on a children’s sleigh bed for Munch’s room.  This week I’m hunting for accessories to dress her room once it’s decorated.

As we are tied in with painting the walls and ceiling the same colour (so it must be white then!) due to the curved pitched roof, we are going for strong colours on the rooms accessories.  So strong geometric and animal cushions are a must!  I was specifically looking for a fox cushion.

Fox Cushion Splurge

I stumbled upon this beauty from Donna Wilson in John Lewis.  Love, love, love!  However at £70 for 1 fox cushion, the room would look pretty sparce. Thankfully, animal cushions are everywhere at the moment, so I knew I could find a cheaper alternative foxy number.

Fox Cusion Save

After raking online and finding quite a few examples of fox cushions, from dressed up foxes to cartoon foxes, I finally stumbled upon quite possibly the best bargain ever at Asda.  This fox cushion is pretty similar and is only £9!  I could buy 7 of these cushions for the same price as the Donna Wilson one!

Catch up with more in the Splurge Vs Save Series.

Happy Saving.



  1. Kelly Finn Reply

    Ooooh I adore both, but as you quite rightly pointed out that’s a crazy amount to spend on one cushion! I think I actually prefer the cheaper one anyway.

  2. I really enjoy these posts and it’s really interesting to see that sometimes they are so similar you can’t tell! That said, I do prefer the more expensive cushion this time round! 😉 x

    • It’s quite a difference price wise! It’s great that you can still have a modern look whatever the budget.

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