Cheap felt fox head

Looking at finishing touches for Munch’s room this week, so I can finally reveal it.  If I do say so, I think it’s the best room in the house!

Due to the pitched ceilings, the non feature walls in Munch’s room are white.  Figured it would be easier than trying to strike a line with a colour.  So, I’m adding colour in other ways and one fo these is with a felt animal head.

Please note, no animals were hurt in the making of these felt heads!  But I find them rather quirky for a kids bedroom.

Felt Fox Head Splurge

This weeks splurge was found at Boudie and Fou.  Mister fox can grace your little ones room for £69, which seems to be a common price range across the online shops.  You are not limited to Mister fox. There are many animals in the range, such as elephants, lions and tigers.  I even saw a unicorn!

Felt Fox Head Save

This weeks save is from a favourite of mine…Etsy!  At a more respectable £41.55, I actually think this Etsy UK felt fox head is cuter than the splurge.  Again there are a full range of animals available.  For a super save, you can even make your own!  They are also selling patterns at Etsy for those of you who are talented, for only £12.45!

So which do you prefer this week?

Catch the rest of the Splurge Vs Save Series.


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