I have been a glasses wearer since I was in fourth year at high school, after being told I needed them for distance vision.  So I was delighted when Specsavers asked me to feature a post on my experience.

Back then it wasn’t great being a glasses wearer, so I would only ever wear them at home.  However life (and styles) have changed since then and I now pretty much live in glasses.  Don’t get me wrong, I can see without them but suffer terrible headaches if I don’t wear them when reading or trying to focus on things (so presentations, driving and looking at tv or computer screens.)

I must say, I absolutely love wearing glasses.  Yes I went through a stage of wearing contacts but, as shallow as it might sound, I actually think it shields those undereye bags that seems to be a regular feature since becoming a mum.

shouldve gone to specsavers

Since having MM I rarely take my glasses off.  So I was convinced that my prescription would have changed since I last had it checked 3 years ago (shocking I know!).  When my eye exam was carried out at the Inverurie branch of Specsavers, I was amazed to find out my prescription hadn’t changed at all.  They did a very thorough examination of not only my sight, by the health of my eyes and even stored detailed images of the eyes to compare and maintain their health going forward.

shouldve gone to specsavers

It’s always fun picking new frames.  Although I have a very narrow face, so I don’t always suit the styles that I’ve fallen in love with.  The last few pairs of glasses I have had have been rectangle style with a thick frame, so I wanted something a bit different this time.  I had been pinning (as always) and had my heart set on a ‘geek chic’ more rounded frame.  They were very patient as I tried on pretty much every frame in the shop!  I have to give them a special mention, as this is usually a little daunting.  Not this time.  They really steered me and found glasses that matched the style I was after that actually fit my face (I almost ended up with a kids pair, my face is that narrow!)

shouldve gone to specsavers

I’m overjoyed with my new glasses and I really think they complete my new image, after recently getting a good 6 inches chopped off my hair…what do you think?  After having the same hair style for almost 20 years, I finally took the plunge.

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  1. I love your new frames! You really suit your new hair doo too. I’m in desperate need of a visit to Specsavers for an eye test. My glasses are okay, but I can tell I need a stronger prescription. X

  2. I’ve just been to Specsavers after the kids broke my old glasses. Really wasn’t sure what style to go for as I’ve always had long hair until recently when I cut it all very short. I need to go back when I have more time and try on every pair like you I think!

    Your frames look great, definitely suit you 🙂

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