Yellow home ideas 2014

1. Asda Bedding from £10 2. Tesco Jones Clock £12 3. Rockett St George Yellow Flex Light £62 4. Matalan 5 frames & Shelf £15 5. Made Jonah Sofa £499 6. Yellow Mug Dwell £7.50 7. Yellow Travel Mug Matalan £4 8. Ikea Stockholm Bedside Table £70

My love of yellow continues as I look for bits and pieces to furnish the new house with.  The highstreet and online boutiques alike are littered with fabulous yellow home decor.  It’s hard to know what to choose!

The bargain above has to be number 4.  Thank you Matalan for this amazing value item.  Five frames and a shelf for only £15! *Stuffs trolley*

Not sure if the hubby will let me stump for a statement sofa like that though.  I’ll probably play it safe with a grey one and dress it with yellow cushions and yellow side tables (thanks Ikea!)

With so many rooms to decorate in one go, how can I possibly decide which one will get the yellow treatment?



  1. Yellow is my favorite color this year. And I am always finding things that I want in my house and trying to figure out how to incorporate them into my already existing theme. So jealous you have a blank canvas. Lol looking forward to seeing what you choose. Love that we have so much of the same taste! Amazing options here yellow is always good for kitchens bathrooms entry ways as it’s so energetic and inviting.

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