Those wildly magical, yet sometimes trying, 14 days together are long gone… The glistening decorations are tucked up safely and nestled away for another year… The school is open and the nursery too. Normality has once again creeped back in and there is something i find quite therapeutic about the ‘rut’. You see, I love a routine (no surprises there!) I’ve desperately craved my Monica Geller level of organisation since I lost it back in 2011, when we went from an incredibly organised 2 to a little family of 3 and it’s snowballed ever since. and I’ve been vowing to ‘get it back’ every New Year, but I fail miserably ofcourse.

Holiday’s are like one giant curve ball to me. Now everything that was constant is up in the air, I’m expected to remember when the school is shut, when the nursery is shut, when the extra curricular classes shut, when hubs work is shut and when I’m finishing up too. I manage to ‘wing it’ through the holidays in a cheese and party food haze, thanks to a group of ‘on it’ friends – who I couldn’t live without.

I’ve been realistic about my expedition to a more organised family live…it certainly wasn’t going to be achieved whilst I was pregnant with MM (due to how ill I was) and sure as fate, adapting to being a family of 4 wasn’t the year either. However, I now feel that I’m going to give myself little bite size challenges to help me on my quest. I will get each of the ‘not quite finished’ rooms finished for starters…I will operate a family planner.

Until it reappears, I seek solace in the simplistic weekly rota of family life, where school starts and finishes at the same time every day, and I know exactly what classes are on. The return of the ‘rut’ is like a big warm organised hug.



    • I’m a lover of routine and order…as lovely as it is, holiday time is a bit of a bull in a China shop when it comes to knowing where we need to be and at what time xx

  1. I’m quite like you too – I find peace and calm in organised time! Curve balls are pests! Christmas is a weird one as you lose track of the days, until the schools reopen. Happy normality! X

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