Whether you have just moved into a new home or are thinking of renovating your current property, there’s no question that home improvement projects are a significant undertaking. However, with so much choice and variety on offer, how should you go about prioritising particular projects and deciding what style and theme you want for your home?
Here are some top tips and ideas which will hopefully provide you with inspiration for your own home this year!

Doors and Windows

If you are looking for a relatively simple way to update the look of your home without committing to larger, more expensive projects, opting for new doors or windows can make a good change. For instance, choosing a new front door will instantly update the look of your entire home – perfect for those who fancy a change. For a more budget-friendly alternative, you could just repaint your existing door in a fresh new colour if the door itself still has some life left in it. The same can be said for your windows – going for new windows can make your home look more pristine, plus if you have an older property, it’s the perfect opportunity to upgrade to double glazing. When it comes to the interior of your property, LPD doors are both stylish and practical, allowing you to instantly update the look of a particular room.


When you are thinking of ways to renovate your home, the chances are that your thoughts will instantly go to rooms like the kitchen, bedroom and bathroom. However, this can end up with certain areas of your home being ignored or left behind as you spruce up other parts of the property. For instance, when was the last time you decorated your hallway? For a relatively simple way to instantly refresh your hallway, why not look at storage options? For smaller hallways where there simply isn’t space for a closet or built-in shelving system, a smaller table, shoe rack and set of coat hooks can be a great way to make use of the limited space you have available.


If you have children, how often do you find toys scattered throughout the house? If this sounds familiar, it may be time to consider creating a playroom dedicated solely to the kids. Of course, not every family is lucky enough to have a big enough home for a playroom, so if space is limited, you could always transform a corner of the kid’s bedroom or living room into a small space for creative play. Decorate in bold, bright colours or soothing pastels and don’t forget to include plenty of space to store all those toys!


If your home is looking a little dull, one of the most straightforward solutions is to introduce a new lease of life into your home. While natural light is always best, certain house designs simply don’t have the capacity for large windows in every room of the house. Make sure to illuminate your home – not only will it look great, but it can also help to reduce eye strain caused by low light levels. Place lamps on tables or in darker corners of rooms, or for an extra special touch, you could really get creative with your choice of light fixtures and fittings by opting for a mish-mash of different colours, designs, patterns, shapes and sizes in your lamps and shades. The perfect way to make your own individual stamp on your home!
Are you feeling inspired yet? Of course, home renovation projects will undoubtedly take time, care and organisation, but there’s no reason why your home can’t one day become the home of your dreams!


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