Last year I was receiving the acne treatment drug better known as Roaccutane.  Being in my 30’s and still having to be conscious of what I wore, how I wore my hair and what I put on my skin, all to best hide my worse affected areas finally got to me.  It was fairly safe to say that I wasn’t going to grow out of it and having exhausted a long list of lotions, potions, dietary factors and antibiotics, all of which had a short term result at best, I was finally referred to a dermatologist. 

As I had always suffered from bad skin, I never really got past the whole Clearasil, Pro-Activ or any other brand named skin care products, where the main aim is to dry out your skin.  So when I finally started the Roaccutane treatment, it was so unusual to have the profoundly opposite situation.  I couldn’t keep my skin moisturised enough!  I never thought I’d see the day I’d be putting E45 and Bio Oil on my face!

Now that I have finished the treatment, I’m a little apprehensive as to the long term results.  It can take 6 weeks for the drug to leave your system and the true markers are 6mth and 12mth post treatment.  As I have said before, any previous treatments I have tried were very short term, at best.  Only working for the period of time I was on them for, some even bleaching sheets and towels in the process.  So I’m half expecting it all to go back to how it was any day now.  But touch wood, 1 month in and it’s not gone wholly back to how it was.

If I dare to dream that this treatment has worked, then I need to consider a whole new skincare regime.  I can ditch the antibacterial washes and possibly consider something moisturing. I’ve even seen skin oils… Who knew?! For now I’m just keeping it very basic, I’m actually using the Simple range.

I’m I going to be able to actually nourish my skin, rather than strip everything out of it?  Time will tell!



  1. Susan K Mann Reply

    I’ve started to suffer from this as I reached my 40th I’m interested to see how this works out for you x

    • Thanks Susan… So far, so good. They say it takes 6 wks to leave your system and I’m past that now. Everything crossed it lasts. Such an unthinkable thing to still be dealing with past teenage years. First step would be getting a referral from your GP to dermatology, as GPs aren’t allowed to prescribe it xx

  2. Hello, another Roaccutane veteran here! I was in my 30s too when I started (36 I think) and had tried everything else going. Like you, mine would always come back after stopping whatever I was using. It was so incredibly depressing. I had always had bad skin too. It seemed so bizarre to be contending with the onset of wrinkles as well as battling with spots every day. Also like you, I was very apprehensive as to what would happen after I finished the course. My dermatologist even said to me that with the type of acne I had, he couldn’t guarantee it would never come back. I hope it helps you to hear that it has been two years since I stopped taking it, and the acne has not come back. I’m a little on edge about it still, but so far, so good! I loved getting stuck in to a whole new skin care regime. Your skin looks absolutely beautiful! It’s such a lovely feeling to have clear skin at last. Enjoy and have fun with the new products!

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