We have been absolutely blessed with a hatrick of long weekends of late, thanks to the Easter bunny and the Scottish school holidays.  What better way to spend our time than back out and about again.  Enjoying 4 seasons in one day and having to prepare for the unpredictable Scottish weather.

Notonthehighstreet.com were kind enough to send us some goodies on the account of National Picnic Day (23rd April), so we wanted to incorporate a little Easter picnic into the proceedings.  We packed up a little afternoon tea into the most adorable straw basket bag (complete with pom poms… who doesn’t love a pom pom?!)

pom pom picnic basket bag

National Picnic Day

Although don’t be fooled by a blue sky Scotland.  No sooner had we pitched up and the said blue sky turned black and we had to run for cover!  It was the ultimate sods law of weather.  Thankfully, we have shelter on the porch of an out building and we made the most of watching the passing shower from the cosy new spot. Snuggling up on our lovely woolen picnic blanket and channeling it’s sunny yellow vibes and Cornish roots to will back a bit of sun.

Picnic set up with yellow wool blanket and picnic basket

Rose petal cakes and lemon drizzle cakes

National Picnic Day

We love finding adventure in the everyday and it certainly was that!  It felt a bit like the mad hatters tea party as we tucked into a delightful range of unusual vegetables cakes from Blackberry Cottage.  They were certainly screaming ‘EAT ME’, with tasty combinations such as Rose & Courgette and Lemon Drizzle & Swede.  We mixed up a lime and elderflower cordial as the ‘DRINK ME’ but, given the unpredictable turn in the weather, we would have rather enjoyed a hot chocolate out of these stunning rustic metal beer beakers (clearly no beer for the under 18’s!)… So we’ll be taking a flask of that out next time!

Rustic beer beakers

chocolate brownies not on the highstreet

The kids enjoyed hunting for eggs (in between rain showers), whilst the adults made the most of snuggling under a blanket and watching it all unfold.  You really can’t ask for a more perfect afternoon.

National Picnic Day

chocolate brownies not on the highstreet 1

A big thank you to wonderful unique sellers on Notonthehighstreet.com for making our egg hunt a big adventure.  Do you have any big plans for National Picnic Day?

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Blackberry Cottage Homemade Cakes – Blackberry Cottage £14.49 // Ruben Beer Beakers – Rowen & Wren £32 // Pom Pom Straw Bag – The Little House Shop £45 // Picnic Blanket Mustard – Atlantic Blankets £115

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