Moving house can be a stressful time with many things to consider. In the build-up to your move, there are certain tasks you should do to ensure you and your family are fully prepared for your move to Scotland.

From factoring in additional costs to securing school places, these are 5 top tips to help you and your family prepare for your house move.

1. Book your removal company in advance

To ensure that you’re fully prepared for your move to Scotland, you should book your removal company in advance. Using a comparison website will help you find the best deal for your Glasgow removals company, as well as providing you with a variety of options.

By booking your removal company early, you will avoid disappointment if your desired company was to become fully booked. The best preparation you can do for an easy move with your family is to hire a removal company to take care of the hard work.

2. Start your packing early

You should start packing your belongings early on to not only avoid a last-minute rushed job but to also ensure that you’re fully prepared for your Scotland move. By making a start on your packing early, you’ll be able to declutter your belongings and allow for a fresh start at your new place.

By decluttering as you pack, it will allow you and your family to have a thorough clear out, reducing the cost of your removal as well as helping to make some cash by selling any unwanted items.

3. Factor in additional costs

If you’re moving to Scotland from elsewhere in the UK, be prepared to pay a higher Stamp Duty than in England. The Land and Buildings Transaction Tax (LBTT) is Scotland’s equivalent of Stamp Duty and is charged on houses over £145,000.

Make sure you and your family have budgeted for this extra cost so that it’s not an added surprise after you’ve moved in. You should also factor in services such as surveying and conveyancing into your moving house budget.

4. Get your children involved

If you have young children who might feel anxious about moving to a new house, it could help to get them involved in packing their own things. Create fun packing challenges such as labelling their cardboard boxes with colourful pens and stickers.

By getting everyone in your family involved in the preparation for the move, the work won’t seem as hard and you could turn a tedious task such as packing into something enjoyable for the whole family. Moving house with children at any age will be tricky without proper preparation.

5. Secure school places before the move

You should have secured school places for your children before you arrive at your new home. Take time to research the best school for your children and make sure you apply as soon as you can. This will save a lot of time and stress by doing this before you arrive in your new area.

Visit the area a few times before moving day and get to know where everything is. This will allow you to scout out schools for your children and even job opportunities for you. By visiting the area multiple times before the move, this will also help to prepare your family to become familiar with the new house.

By sticking to these 5 tips, you and your family will be fully prepared for your house move to Scotland.


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