Potty training for parents

Well that time has come.  All the ‘signs’ are there. It can only mean one thing…potty training time!

Now as you have no doubt come to learn by now, I am a bit beyond the average Girl Guide when it comes to being prepared.  I’ve read all the various methods that are documented on potty training and worked myself up in to somewhat of a stuper.  It has been quite some time now since we last had to instill anything into our daily life with Munch, the thought of any big change like potty training terrifies me to the very core.

When Munch was little, I was quite quick and efficient to do all the things when they needed done.  A little exhale of relief everytime we cracked something.  Yet this time, for some reason, I’m not so eager.  Perhaps it’s everything that comes with potty training.  The aniexty of the unknown, will she take to it or won’t she?  Knowing where the nearest toilet is at all times?  Maybe it’s because it’s the last change from ‘babyhood’ to little girl?

I know there is very little I can to do prepare for her reaction to potty training.  So I seek comfort in the thought that, with any luck, this time next year it will be a distant memory and I’ll wonder what all the worry was about (I’ve just jinxed it now!)

Munch is also at nursery full time.  Hence why we have chosen the Christmas break to give potty training a go (Merry Christmas to us!)

We plan to get shot of any guests and make a start on the 27th.  All going well, that would give us 7 days before going back to nursery.

I’m expecting the worst when it comes to returning to nursery.  Purely because I can’t find any literature or advice on how to potty train with a nursery goer.  Do you treat it any differently?  I’m expecting that she’ll be having way too much fun playing to pay any attention to the call of nature.  I also expect that she may not want to approach someone else to ask them to go to the toilet.  So I’m trying to wear my ‘what will be, will be’ hat when it comes to that.

Another concern is getting ready in the morning to take her to nursery.  Usually a 30 minute sequence of events, but how do you fit ‘try the potty’ into that?!  There comes a point when you need to leave the house in the morning.

So until we’ve cracked it, I wave ‘bye bye’ to the lovely daily routine we have mastered over the years and I bite my nails in my anticipation of what the next few months hold for us.

How did you feel about potty training?  Were you laid back or did you find it daunting?


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  1. Thanks for taking part in the Monday Parenting Pin it Party 🙂 We had to potty train with two nursery kids; and I treated it exactly the same – waiting until they showed me, and in my daughter’s case told me (!), that they were ready. And then we just did it. No nappies, and pants all the time. Daughter had one accident and son a couple, and they were dry within a few days. I waited until some would say they were older, but definitely worked for us! 😀
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