When it comes to picking the perfect Christmas Gift for someone, it can be rather daunting. Kids are especially difficult past a certain age because they will continue to ask for things that are quite short lived. So when I was tasked by Boots.com to pick the perfect present from their range of Christmas gifts, I knew it had to be Liv.

Liv is such an inspiration to me. Her strength in character, kindness and ability to befriend everyone is something I admire. This year she has reminded me so much of the person I would love to be. The confidence I would love to have and I couldn’t be more proud to have her in my life.

Due to my back issues, she is a huge help to me everyday.

As she’s now getting a little older, I wanted to pick something that would spark her creativity. She loves seeing me take photos and shoot video and she has great intrigue. So I knew I wanted to get her a camera of sorts.  It had to be a gift that would stand up to a 7 year old, not need charging before use and give instant results… Because we all know that part of the best thing about taking a photo is the instant gratification. So it had to be the Instax mini.  Her best friend had one at her birthday party and Liv cherishes the snaps to this day.

Instax Mini Christmas Gift

One of the sad things about taking so many photos is how not many of them see the actual light of day in printed form, so the Instax gave her the ability to hit 2 birds with one stone. She can now either work towards creating an album, or making a photo wall in her room.  It’s the perfect gift that keeps on giving!

Instax Mini Christmas Gift

Instax Mini Christmas Gift

What would your perfect gift be for your loved ones? You can browse through a huge variety of Christmas Gifts for Her (or Him) online.



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