Nothing kills productivity quite like procrastination.  Whether it’s social media, ‘recalling the time when…’ or the biggest one of all self doubt.

Now, I wrote a while ago about ‘giving myself a break‘ and I’ve yet to learn the art of this completely.  I think deep down we are always our own worst enemy, when we should be our biggest advocate.  This is especially hard when you are your business, because the big comparison always creeps in and if you’re not clever, can see you get completely off course….but that’s a whole other post!

To help me with my concentration levels and keep procrastination overloading my precious time, I stick to these 3 top tips:

Write an achievable list

So you know you have a pocket of time coming up and you are dedicating it to work or a project you have been meaning to kick start.  I find writing down everything I hope to achieve in this time.  I prioritise the tasks which really need to be nailed in one sitting (there is nothing worse than walking away from an unfinished task!).  Don’t aim too high though and end up ‘negged’ out when you can’t complete everything on your list.

My big goal at the moment is to not work evenings and weekends, if I can help it, so I like to cram as much into my day as I can, so the rest of the time is mine to spend with family and friends.

Turn down the noise

Ok, we all have the most common procrastination tool of all…the mobile phone.  The little handheld window to the world of procrastination…apps, friends and games.  I have turned all audible notifications off on my phone and when I’m working, I even turn it face down.

There are apps you can install on your device and set a timer before you can access your social accounts again, if like me you find it hard to stop turning over your phone every 2 minutes!

Have a procrastination time limit

Stay with me on this one… if all has failed and you find yourself slipping down the slippery slope of procrastination… go with it.  BUT, set the timer on your phone for whatever time you can afford to give… and when it goes off…GET BACK TO WORK!

Do you have any tips to keep you from getting distracted?  Let me know in the comments.



  1. Oh I wish I had tips for you on this one. I am the worse. I can start emails, then a post pops up start reading said post, then end up hours in pinterest, facebook, twitter, instagram and back to that very first email that I was supposed to respond to. It’s a nightmare or if I have deadlines and I do everything but that deadline until the last moment. I have hate it and would love to find it in me to change this too. Great tips hunny will have to try the timer one for sure.

  2. Kerri-Ann Hargreaves Reply

    I agree with Jenny, I have the best plans made then if I’m a little tired or distracted by just something small then that’s it I’ve lost an hour. The idea of turning my phone over is a good one x

  3. I am such a procrastinator and a flitter. I flit from one thing to another and end up with so many half finished things and I don’t know whether I’m coming or going! It annoys me as I always used to be so organised. When I have a big project on I put music on loud close down any tabs I don’t need and turn my phone over, its the only way! x

  4. I may have to try the procrastinator timer, I am a nightmare for this. At the moment I am trying to adopt the pull the plaster off approach to things I’m not looking forward to. The longer I sit on these things, the worse I feel about them x x x

  5. I have to put my phone face down too, otherwise I get so distracted but it. I am terrible at procrastinating, I sit down to watch the first 10 minutes of This Morning and 2 hours later I’m still there. I work much better when I know there is a deadline, I need the motivation. I definitely need to take these tips on board! xx

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