Even though gardening weather is well and truly behind us, there’s no reason to not take up other outdoor projects on your home. As the days get shorter and darker, there’s plenty of opportunity to unleash your creativity and play with the lighting displays in the garden. Whether it’s creating spooky shadows for Halloween, or making something more festive for Halloween, it’s easy to adapt and create something for every mood.


One of the easiest ways to create different ambiences in the garden is using outdoor spotlights. Place them strategically on a sconce either side of the garage door to welcome you home, behind potted plants to highlight them, or create a spooky Halloween garden by cleverly placing them to shine upwards a tree for scary shadows. The best choice of spotlights tends to be LEDs, which are cheaper than halogen bulbs and more energy efficient. Bulbs2Go sell a great range in different ‘warmths’, so you can choose how white or warm the light is.

Fairy Lights

If you’re looking to create a more magical feel to your garden, fairy lights are just the beginning. Icicle lights can be hung over the edge of a porch to sprinkle light all over the entrance to your home, or placed over a fence. For minimal fuss, simply wrap them or weave them through a wreath on the front door, which can easily be removed in January. Alternatively, to make use of leafless plants and trees in your garden, wrap string lights around branches or through topiaries to illuminate the garden – small children will keep an eye out for the fairies if the lights are kept on a twinkling setting.


For both Halloween and Christmas, it’s easy to mix up a display by adding colour. Simply changing the colour of bulbs, or applying different coloured filters can turn a house into a haunted house in less than five minutes. Around November and December lots of retailers offer festive coloured fairy lights, if you’re looking to make your display the brightest in the street, or want something to contrast with any white paintwork you have on the exteriors.


Don’t think that lampshades are just for indoor lighting – there’s plenty to go around. Lanterns add a chic boho vibe to any garden, and are ideal for a more understated lighting display. There are plenty of shapes, colours, or even stencilled patterns to choose from that can make beautiful shadows when placed well. Small battery-powered tea lights can also add a more subtle effect, great placed as edging on a garden path when coming home late.

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