If you didn’t already know, we are huge advocates of a Scottish staycation. We know the weather won’t be unbearable, that we don’t have to worry about baggage limits and ultimately we have our own car for the full trip, so we can go wherever we want, whenever we want.

It’s worth bearing in mind though that if, like us, you “staycation” often, that you make a list of road trip essentials… Not just for the trip, but for the car too.

Things to check on your car before a road trip

  • You’ll want to check lights are working and that all fluid levels are where they should be… screen wash, coolant, brake fluid & oil.
  • Check your tyre tread and condition and make sure that the pressure is correct according to your car hand book.
  • Screen and wipers need a once over too… Make sure there are no chips/cracks, which could worsen and that wiper blades are in top condition.
  • Ensure your car maintenance is up to date… You can always pop to Kwik Fit if you need an MOT or service.

Top in car essentials for a family road trip

Now that the car is all set, you’ll want to make sure (especially if you have a lengthy journey) that you’re all set for the ride.

  • Create a playlist with everyone’s choices, so everyone gets a turn and you don’t have to endure a solid hour of Mr Tumble sings the hits (Sorry Justin!)
  • Make sure that you also have a supply of snacks… Nothing too messy or anything that will melt (especially in summer!)
  • Pack plenty of wipes or tissues for those little ones, as well as factor in plenty of toilet stops (or pop a potty in the boot)
  • Consider entertainment like car bingo, or a movie… But I’d stay clear of books or anything that might aggravate motion sickness.

So there you have it… Our top tips for a family road trip. Comment down below if you have any essentials or tips I’ve not mentioned and I hope you have a lovely time!


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