Cast your mind back to the start of December, where I set myself a Christmas Savings Challenge. Devised by Shepherds Friendly, the challenge was to see just how much you could save in the run up to Christmas.

To remind you the challenges were:
Week 1 – Stop the coffee purchases when out and about.
Week 2 – Give up takeaway munches and dinners.
Week 3 – Compare all pressie prices online before buying.
Week 4 – Order everything bought online through Top Cashback.

The challenge went well and I’m incredibly surprised at how much I saved. Also, because I set out my challenges each week, I was then mindful about those for the whole month! All in all I would say that across the whole challenge we saved over £170 and counting (because I’ll continue to use Top Cashback through the Sales too!)

I’m amazed at how much we saved just by cutting back on the day to day costs and being a little bit savvy about our purchases. I don’t feel I’ve missed out at all, instead I’m pretty pleased with what we’ve saved to put towards the big day (ok, maybe the Sales!) I’m also pretty shocked at how much I spend on coffee. When I could have just taken one with me to the kids classes.

I think this is a great challenge to set yourself regularly through the year, as it’s so easy to fall into bad habits financially and it’s a great tool to make you look at things.


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