There is nothing more cleansing than a New Year… A fresh page… A reality check and a good old fashioned kick up the bottom.

I’m not necessarily one to set myself a strict set of resolutions, that would be setting myself up for failure. However there is one thing I like to do and that is have a bit of a general life review and take stock. Spend more time with the people who are good for me and more time doing what I love. This year, I know where I’m headed and I know how I’m getting there. Last year started in a redundancy filled haze and I could have only dreamed of the opportunities that lie ahead of me now in 2017. Somehow, we managed to turn that ship around. It’s a stark reminder of what’s important and the realisation that I need to adapt to this new balance and enjoy it.

I remember having no childcare and having to work nights and weekends… I remember spending just a few hours a week with Mr M and now I can spend every night with him. Talking, carving out plans and dreams for out little squad.

This year I hope to achieve so much for our little family. I feel so lucky to be able to continue do a job that I love and one that allows me to spend so much time with my little famalam. I get to try my hardest to be everything they want in a mother and a wife and more. They deserve so much for helping make lemonade out of lemons. It was a year I’m glad to see the back of, yet one where I’m deeply proud of what we achieved… and we did it together.

So whether this New Year is looking like plain sailing or rocky shores… just know that 12 months is a long time and make your way in bite size chunks and keep things on course.


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