My home style has changed dramatically over the years.  I’ve always had a passion for home interiors, but never had the confidence to execute a vision fully.  I’d tend to ‘play it safe’ and end up with a carbon copy of the Next Directory or Ikea Catalogue.

Monochrome bedroom ideas

As the years have passed, naturally home trends and my tastes have changed.  Obviously our way of living has adapted to include 2 little people.  So now practicality, storage and functionality come into play more than ever. But I like to think that my confidence in delivering my interior vision has grown.  Maybe it’s through all the ‘pinning’, blog reading, magazine flicking and even spending hours planning with interior designers at local shops that has given my confidence a little step up.

posterlounge wall prints

Clover & Thorne Wooden Blinds in White Gloss

Sure as fate though, every now and then I’ll have a bit of a wobble and hit Pinterest, Instagram and bulk buy homes magazines, I guess in some sort of ‘buyers remorse’ mission to reassure myself that what I’ve put together is ‘right’.  But I’ve also learned that what is ‘right’ to one person, might not be ‘right’ to someone else.  I’m not talking about the scientific make up of the room here…I know that designers train for years in putting pieces together and building textures, layers, heights together and I’m not a designer.  What I am meaning though is learning to trust my own eye and recognising that what I like can’t always be defined either.  You see, when it comes to my home style, I’ve definitely fallen hard for a few of the recent trends and procrastinated to the point of ‘unlabelling’.


Clover & Thorne Wooden Blinds in White Gloss

Shed makeover reveal

So, I’m not sure what trends have inspired me in our recent home renovation.  Call it hygge, Scandi, industrial chic, minimal, rustic….for me I just call it home, in all its multi faceted glory.

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  1. I love reading your interiors posts. Your style may not have a label, but I think that’s the best kind of style. It’s individual to you – and that makes it perfect x

  2. Glad I am not the only one! Someone asked me what my decoration style was in our house the other day and I was pretty stuck for an answer! (Other than ‘perfect’ of course!) I guess my tastes are pretty traditional, having grown up in a centuries old house that hadn’t changed decor in as long, but with a more modern palette and some quite eclectic touches. I would have described our bedroom as really traditional, with its panelled walls and built-in wardrobes, but a few reactions to it have been ‘wow, it’s so modern!’. What?! Maybe I just have trouble labelling things as a particular style, but like you, I know what I like and what feels right in my home. Maybe we should just call our style ‘ours’! 🙂 x

  3. Aah this is such a great post Pamela — I’ve always been obsessed with homes and interiors (as my 19 year’s worth of Living Etcs will testify) and I think it’s lovely when someone ditches the high street and develops their own style. The same, boring rooms — that almost look like a shop showroom — leave me cold. My style is eclectic — we’ve a real mix of modern and vintage in our home. I think, if you love something give it house room, don;t just have something because it fits the current trend. Undefined is the best way ti be — it gives your home a bit of soul. Happy new year to you lovely — here’s to another fab year of #HomeEtc 🙂 Thanks so much for linking up! xx
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  4. helloitsgemma Reply

    This is a lovely post, I think our homes are such personal spaces, that have to function for different ages and different ways of living. I think homes that are very particularly styled can be a little souless. It is our personal tastes and favourite objects that make a home.
    You’ve got some lovely items. Home style like clothing choices is evolving. #homeetc

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