I always get asked how I started blogging and what equipment, websites and tools I use.  So, with my 4th blog birthday fast approaching (ahem September… but you know how time flies), I thought I’d give you an insight into some of my favourite tools I use for blogging on a day to day basis.

These are by no means what I started out with, but are the blogging tools or equipment that I have built up over the last 3 years and have certainly made a difference to my productivity and results.  If you are starting out, I always recommend working with what you’ve got until you at least establish that you are 100% interested.

Camera For Blogging

So, we all know it’s a total myth that you need a big fancy camera to start out with.  These days the cameras on mobile phones, plus some of the editing apps you can get mean that chances are… you are already good to go.

That being said, the more images you take, the more you start to demand from your camera and so natural progression saw me through a Fuji Bridge camera to my now DSLR, which is an entry level Nikon.  Besides the kit lens that it came with, I also bought a 35mm 1:1.8G, which is what makes those all so desired blurry background pictures.

I also use this camera for vlogging, alongside my phone (which is a Samsung S6) and a Go Pro Hero 4.

Editing Software For Blogging

To start with I used a series of free to use software, such as GIMP and pic monkey.  However, I quickly jumped in to the Adobe World, as I was familiar with it through work and missed the features that I knew existed.  So I’m now jumping between In Design and Photoshop for editing images.  I could probably get away with doing all my editing in Photoshop, but I learned In Design first and so I guess you grow attached and because you can hop between all the adobe programs easily… I’m just doing it for familiarity and quickness.

I’ve yet to get to grips with Lightroom.  I’ve simply not had the time to meet its acquaintance, although I’ve heard great things in terms of filing images as well as quick editing… so, that is on my list of things to learn.

For vlogging, I’m using Adobe Premiere Elements, which has a one off cost of £69 and about to jump ship to Premiere Pro.  But in the beginning, I used Windows Movie Maker, which was great for putting clips together and adding music, but I found it difficult to work with beyond that.

Apps For Blogging

So, we all have our favourite apps that streamline our lives, make things easy and quite simply couldn’t live without.  Some of the most common ones I use are VSCO cam & Snapseed, for editing my instagram pictures and also the WordPress app for editing blog posts on the move, as well as a quick and easy stats check.

From the vlogging side, I can’t believe I’ve only recently discovered the You Tube Creator app, for stats galore!

It’s so easy when you get into the blogging world to assume that you must have a Canon 70D for photos, and a Canon GX7 for vlogging and an i Mac for your desk and Macbook for on the go (they’re on your list, aren’t they?!).  It’s really not the case.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not going to say some of those things aren’t on my wishlist (I’m not even entirely sure why for all of them), but walk before you can run and know why you want to invest in the big ticket items and what you will gain by doing so, before you do.

Hopefully that helps you by at least giving you an insight into what I use at the moment.  But if you have any questions…pop them in the comments.



  1. I really want a dslr! I bought a Sony rx100 not so long ago and really regret not going for the canon Gx7, no mic port was a big mistaka to maka x x

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