Years ago I wrote a post about how I became obsessed with organisation and how (looking back) easy it seemed at the time.  As a singleton, I had a small 1 bedroom flat that I deep cleaned every night (steam cleaner, the works)…easy when you have the floor space of a postage stamp and you’re only cleaning up after yourself!  Fast forward through a marriage and 2 little people and my show house dream couldn’t be further from reality.

I know we’ve been through a lot since we moved into this house 2 years ago (renovations and MM’s arrival) and that we are living in a house that is currently languishing at 80% complete on the inside (and the outside…well, I just close my eyes) But that doesn’t stop me piling the pressure on myself to achieve my pinterest goals.  I’m that person who likes to know exactly where that SD card is from 3 years ago and who has a total meltdown when it’s not there.

The last 2 years has felt like living in limbo, not knowing when (or if) I will ever be able to achieve the level of organisation I strive so heavily for.

I used to enjoy cleaning, because the end goal was always so gratifying, however it doesn’t quite feel the same when there are little unfinished DIY jobs that spoil the end result.  Rooms that were taken over with storage boxes when we renovated the kitchen, still have evidence of their temporary use…it’s all just driving me to distraction!

So what does someone who desperately seeks organisation do….make a plan of attack! I am reclaiming Sunday afternoons for ‘project get organised’.  There’s every chance that it’ll be like chipping away at an iceberg with a toothpick, but I’m ready to grab the bull by the horns and get this place exactly how it should be and I’ll find that SD card if it kills me and put it back where it should be!




  1. Flying solo Reply

    But by bit is better than doing nothing at all, I felt the same about my house earlier this year, having renovated a few rooms I had a long list of things to finish and had no motivation to do any of it which wasn’t like me, I realised I had just fallen out of love with my house because deep down I was more than ready for a move and so we are as soon as I decided that I found my MOjo and finished all the jobs in a week so I could get moving! We move this weekend and am really looking forward to starting all over again ( Not) especially after Iv had 6 years of tenants grime to clean!

  2. I can completely relate to this! I never feel on top of anything! It doesn’t help that my children and husband are the messiest humans that I have ever met. Sunday afternoons are my chance to try and make a dent in everything too, though I figuratively weep when it’s all undone by Monday morning! xx

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