This might seem odd for someone who puts their life on the internet, but I’ve always struggled with confidence.  I spend my life avoiding having to go places on my own… I love familiar things, people I know, places I’ve been before and Internet shopping has been a God send.  You might think that writing blogs, posting instagram pictures or even having a YouTube channel says otherwise, but even in this I have built up confidence over a period of time.  I started off with a private Instagram account… I don’t vlog about anything horrifically personal and well it’s easy to sit behind a computer screen and tap away at a keyboard.  Blogging events on the other hand… Eek!  I even spoke on a panel at one once… Well I maybe said a few words, the other 3 amazing ladies propped me up! One thing I do is push myself hard to do these things, because I do want to push the boundaries.

I had a chat with a friend last week about the downside of being shy and not being very confident.  What must people think? Does it look like I’m rude & not interested?  When the actual fact is that speaking to people is as daunting as asking someone on a first date to me. It’s way easier to walk past someone than it is to chat to them.  It takes me a really long time (a really long time!) to get to know people, to feel like I can share my life with them… But when I do, you can’t shut me up!  In fact I’ve lived in this town now for almost 10 years and for the first 4 of those, I knew no one.  I didn’t even have a facebook profile.  Did it bother me?.. Honestly, no!  I just stayed in my wee bubble of comfort, as I had no reason to pop it.

But having kids has changed all that.  I’ve become aware that I don’t want my kids to suffer the same shyness, or lack of confidence that I have.  I want them to grow up confident and not to fear the simple things in the same why I did.  So, I make sure they go to clubs and nursery (have done from a young age) so that confidence is never a problem for them and I think it’s working (or I hope it is!).  The strength I see in them at the ages of 2 and 6, I don’t think I even have at 35… But that in itself gives me confidence.



  1. This made me laugh a little bit — do you REMEMBER when we met at BlogCamp?!! LOL!! I literally bounced up to you and gave you a big hug — you must have wanted to run away!!!!

    Bless you lovely — you do a fantastic job of being a non-shy shy person!! Just keep pushing yourself out of your comfort zone — it really helps. Believe it or not, I feel shy when I first walk into a room of strangers but I force myself to walk up to people and say hello. More often than not, they feel the same and are grateful that someone’s broken the ice CXX
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    • I do remember and I was hugely grateful! I’m always super delighted when someone else makes the first move, because the mere thought is too terrifying to me! So thank you for being bold and welcoming and making me feel at ease. xxx

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